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Drink alcohol every day and you drop the risk of coronary heart disease says a study

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Here is good news for people who drink alcohol every day. According to a long-term study published in Heart, a journal of the British Medical Association (BMA) among Spanish men has revealed that men who drink alcohol constantly nearly every day perceive a nearly one-third average drop in the risk of coronary heart disease.

The research continued for a decade on 41,000 men and women in the age group 29 and 69 in an effort to eye on their health and lifestyle as part of a European probe into cancer. 609 cases of heart attacks and other “coronary events” came to the light during the course of study of which 481 were men and 128 among women. Those men who drank very high levels of alcohol had a lower risk of coronary heart disease in comparison to non-drinkers.
The data collected from the study revealed that people who were categorized as former drinkers had a risk of 10 percent lower, people who drank 0.5 grams of alcohol every day the risk was 35 percent; those who drank moderately about five-30 grams every day, the risk was 54 percent lower; those who took 30 to 90 grams every day and very high drinkers who took more than 90 grams every day it was bisect.

In a nut shell, a 285ml glass of heavy beer which contains 4.9 percent of alcohol amounts to 11 grams; whereas a 180ml glass of wine with 12 percent alcohol contain 17.06 grams. The study focused on the conditions in Span which is the third largest producer of beer and holds the sixth highest per capita consumption of alcohol has one of the lowest death rates from coronary heart disease in the world.

The Journal also pointed on many other risks of alcohol abuse pertaining to premature death and disability. The paper also highlighted a figure from World Health Organization (WHO) data that out of two billion people on Earth 6.7 billion drink alcohol frequently and over 76 million have an ill health.

Did you know in United States heart disease is the major cause of disability and it is the number one killer. Heart diseases can be found in many forms like due to narrowing or blockage of the coronary arteries or blood vessels which supply blood to the heart itself. Coronary artery disease happens slowly over time and is the major cause of heart attacks in people.
Other types of heart problems may pertain to the problem in the valves of heart or the pumping of the heart irregularly. Unfortunately some people are born with heart diseases. There are varieties of measure with which you can lower the risk of heart disease like by controlling the blood pressure, lowering your cholesterol, getting enough exercise and quitting smoking.

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5 thoughts on “Drink alcohol every day and you drop the risk of coronary heart disease says a study
  1. Bob

    This post is very interesting and could be great news for alcoholic drinkers. However, even though it is scientifically proven by research, I still would not solely rely on this. I consider myself a heavy drinker when the situation calls for it, and when I do so, I never thought that this would be for the betterment of my own health. I am proud to say that I do not have a “beer belly” as I try to burn the calories off by cycling almost 30 kilometers every weekend. This is a great way for me not only to burn fat, but rather to stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

  2. Iana

    There are already a lot of studies and articles that actually support this subject and it usually recommends a glass or two of red wine instead of other alcoholic drinks. The common message in these studies and articles is to take alcohol, or anything in particular, should be in moderation, if people want to take advantage of its benefit. Excessive drinking, on the other hand, can increase the risk of having heart disease and possibly, even a stroke or a rise in blood pressure, aggravated by obesity, and the like. Despite all this, we must always take into consideration a person’s lifestyle when it comes to this kind of health issues.

  3. Michael

    For drinkers like me a good article about moderate drinking is healthy for our hearts. In one of the blog I read that having a bottle or two will help us reduces the risk of having a heart problem in the future. Alcohol especially wine is good for digestion, we had dinner last night and boss ordered a steak, after that glass of wine was serve to help for digestion. In my trip to Germany last year, every meal I have with my local friends there, our meal will always ends with a bottle of beer. I’m not a heavy drinker yet this facts about alcohol for my heart health convince me the healthier side of drinking alcohol. Cheers!

  4. Nikki

    This is hard to believe at first. I have heard news that drinking too much can lead to heart disease. But as they say, everything is good in moderation. The benefits of drinking alcohol can lower your risk of coronary heart disease. It helps improve your body’s sensitivity to insulin and also prevents the formation of blood clots. My friends and I love to meet up after work and grab a drink or two. My wife would always tell me that my habit of drinking beer everyday could be harmful to my health. It is good to know that drinking alcohol every day in moderation lowers your risk of having heart disease! Now, I have a reason to tell my wife when I go out and have a drink with my buddies.

  5. Gregie

    Interesting article. It so hard to believe that drinking alcohol has a good benefit. The article says that some studies revealed that people who drink alcohol constantly nearly every day perceive a one-third average drop in the risk of coronary heart disease. But it doesn’t mean we should drink alcohol daily because it has good benefits. We should still drink moderately to stay healthy, because too much alcohol is bad for our health. Alcohol can cause us heart disease and stroke, it also can cause us obesity if we drink too much. Even if I am an alcohol drinker, I should still have daily exercise and drink moderately to stay fit and healthy.

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