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Obesity causes 100,000 US cancers every year: study

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The American Institute for Cancer Research has recently reported that in US obesity causes more than 100,000 incidents of cancer. Scientists for a long time had a vague opinion that there is a link between obesity and certain types of cancer, but this study is the first in series which made it clear that there is a link between obesity and certain types of cancer. Still the accurate cause or link is not known, but there are indications that suggest that fat tissue may produce heightened levels of sex hormones which spur cancer growth. Government backed Centers for Disease Control has reported that 34 percent of American adults aged 20 and over are obese. According to Laurence Kolonel of the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii “It’s clearer than ever that obesity’s impact is felt before, during and after cancer, it increases risk, makes treatment more difficult and shortens survival”.

It is a fact that obesity develops gradually and there are several reasons behind it like poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. It does not just happen overnight. Overconsumption is the root cause of the problem, eating large calories and fast-food items along with higher soft drink consumption in place of fruits and vegetables could be the leading cause of obesity. Did you know that alcohol is also full of calories and heavy drinkers are often obese? Bad eating habits like eating while watching television programs, lack of physical activities, computer games, surfing the net for longer hours while sitting at one place are some of the reasons for becoming obese in the long run. While Drugs like Insulin, Oral contraceptive pills, Group, Steroids also helps in gaining weight.

How to control obesity?
Regular and controlled exercise helps in checking obesity and pursuing 20 to 60 minutes of aerobic activity or walking three to five days a week, swimming, cycling, aerobics, activities like washing, climbing stairs, jogging can help control the obesity. Correcting behaviours’ like overindulgence in food and alcohol also helps in controlling this habit. You can’t lose weight even if you are engaging in physical activities unless you reduce the intake of fat items in your diet. If a person is under depression it is suggested to control it as well because of which a person tends to eat more get obese. Did you know, when we decrease the intake of calorie everyday we loose about 1 pound a week?

If you are reluctant to reduce your weight it is advised that eat less and exercise more. In the absence of this equilibrium you tend to weight loss in excess or gain weight in excess.

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5 thoughts on “Obesity causes 100,000 US cancers every year: study
  1. Maxwell C.

    This article is very informative. It is also known that obesity leads to heart problems, but it can also cause cancer of the breast, womb, kidney, pancreas and many more. The number of overweight people in the U.S. has been increasing year after year. Eating too much fast-food, or drinking too much soft drinks lead to obesity. It has been a habit of most people to eat food that are easy to buy such as fast food. But people forget that these are junk food and that these are high in calories. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle by eating the right food with the right amount and keeping your body active by working out or getting to a sport that you like or just moving about in our homes while doing the chores.

  2. Alexandre

    Great post for my enlightenment! According to some studies, obesity is mainly caused not by overeating, rather, due to the lack of exercise. Some Americans are labeled to be a “couch potato” because literally speaking, we are always on our couches watching Netflix. I am often guilty of this myself. That is why we need to MOVE around, people! Fat shaming is all over the internet and we shouldn’t let this degrade us, on the contrary, it should encourage us to strive harder for the betterment of our own life. I prefer getting on my sweats while playing badminton with my roommates every weekend. What’s your way of melting that fat away?

  3. Mark Anthony

    Obesity is a really important issue right now since there are already a lot of fast-food chains all over the world. It is sometimes inevitable to eat such foods since a lot of people are really busy with their lives. However, for me, being busy at work or studies is not an excuse to not do some exercises and at least take some herbal or dietary supplements. I always take inosotol powder during breakfast to help lower my cholesterol and stabilize my mood. I also see to it that I do at least 50 jumping jacks – a few minutes before taking a bath and a few more times in the office’s washroom. Funny but true.

  4. Miguel Zobel

    We are living in the world of full of temptation foods, vices and poor diet. As we grow older our physical activity will slow down due lots of distraction around us. At my age my food intake had increases big time! And this is not a good sign for me. I was advise by doctor to watch my weight. I research online on how I can reduce my weight. I’m doing my regular exercise and diet for 2 months now, weight was reduce but still I need to lose more. I came to this product CLA Conjugated Linoleic Acid 1g 210 sg. This supplement can support and improve my weight problem. With adding this product to my diet and exercise, fat burning increases and I had lose a lot faster than expected. I will continue using this product till I reach my target weight. This blog showed me the way to a healthier life thank you.

  5. Morgan

    Excellent article that gives knowledge on people about obesity. It enlightened us to avoid being obesity because it is shown that obesity cause cancer. Some studies say that the obesity is the main reason in the US that cause cancer in 100,000 of their citizens. This article suggests some herbal supplement that helped us to lose our weight. If you don’t have any time to take some exercise just take herbal supplements and it will help you to block the absorption of fat, or increase your metabolism. The best way to fight or avoid obesity is have some regular activity or exercise, like cycling or walking 3-5 km per day. Healthy life style is best.

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