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Swine flu has herbal remedies

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The mere word of Swine flu sends shivers to a man in the street. Before the inception of this disease, people were almost alien to this deadly disease. Also known as H1N1, influenza virus of “A” type category or swine influenza, Swine flu actually ¬is a respiratory infection. It is an amalgamation of bird flu and a human flu. There is a wrong notion among people who believe that swine flu is caused by eating pork. No doubt this type of virus is prevalent in domestic pigs, but of late, this deadly disease has now spread like a wildfire all over the world. Various studies have revealed that a majority of people who have been diagnosed with this disease have not had any contact with the pigs. The main reason for its prevalence all over the world is due to the infected people, who usually carried the virus with them and infected those they came across in their day to day life. It is hard to determine whether a person is infected by Swine flu because its features are akin to those of influenza like fever, sore throat, chills, cough, headache and weakness. Some people however, experience diarrhoea, vomiting and nausea. In case such symptoms prevail; it is a good idea to consult your doctor for further diagnosis. It is a well known fact that stress also deteriorates a person’s immune system.

Because of its surprise spread all over the world within no time, this contagious disease caught humans unaware, with the result there is no preventative drug available, which could help control the disease. The only drug which is combating Swine flu is Tamiflu. Its effect also varies from person to person. Swine flu mostly affects people young and old who have a weak immune system. The virus actually originated in Mexico and later spread to various parts of the world. In the absence of an effective remedy, Swine flu is a major concern to governments and people all over the world.

Nevertheless, where conventional medicine fails, people switch over to the oldest system of medicine viz., herbal and natural supplements, to keep the deadly diseases at bay, as these medicines provide a ray of hope to them. A majority of people are unaware that there are various herbal supplements available which can combat Swine flu. Products like “Immune Defense Tonic”, Daily Immune Defense, Nk-3 Immune with Selenium ,are some of the herbal products which help in supporting the healthy function of the immune system. These products are made from a variety of natural herbs like Echinacea root, leaf & flower, Wild indigo root, Thuja leaf, Boneset leaf & flower, Prickly ash bark, extract of olive leaf etc. to name only a few of the ingredients. All these products can be purchased online from the comfort of your home from the leading supplier of nationally branded products ensures that these products are produced in accordance with the pharmaceutical grade manufacturing standards so customers can expect highest quality at affordable prices.

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5 thoughts on “Swine flu has herbal remedies
  1. Noelle

    This is a very interesting and helpful article. A lot of people panic upon hearing Swine flu knowing the fact that this has affected the field of medicine and even politics worldwide! I have not heard of any herbal remedy for this disease. But after reading this, it is a big relief that there is a better way to cure Swine flu. Most of us tend to lean on conventional medications which have side effects and it takes some time for a person to get cured. But the best remedy for Swine flu is definitely the natural way. It is important for all of us to improve our immune system even before we are infected by any disease. There are so many improvements now in herbal supplements that will help boost our immune system.

  2. Tyler

    Wow, interesting! Who would have thought that a once treacherous disease now has its own herbal remedy? It is great news to know that researchers are working hard to come up with scientific studies to prove that there are possible solutions to almost every medical condition. Understandably though, it usually takes years before a specific type of medication is approved due to the extensive process. What’s even more impressive about this topic is that there is actually an herbal remedy for swine flu. This could be great news for those people who are sensitive to different types of chemicals. People would usually prefer to take something that is safe yet effective.

  3. Victor

    I rarely use the conventional medicine since my sister and I was brought up in a household where a well-balanced diet is a must. However, when swine flu spread all over the world before, I must say that I was quite paranoid since I do not know when my immune system could fail me. If I am going to base it on this article, Tamiflu may not be that effective to combat the flu since it may vary from person to person. It is good to know that there are available herbal supplements which can combat swine flu.

  4. Sean

    Nowadays diseases are evolving faster each day, the news about influenza. Known more commonly as the flu, it’s a respiratory illness. Everybody was paranoid of this news. People had fled to local pharmacy’s to hoard medicine for cold and flu’s. I’m a natural medicine advocate, I search online to look for natural medicine my family and i can use to strengthen our immune system. And this supplement best suited my family. Even today we still continue to use this supplement for daily basis. We notice that our children’s were never getting sick since they started to take this supplement. It really work’s for my family. I’m happy to found and use this product. It really improves our immune system.

  5. Allan

    Upon searching online to get some tips about cold and flu. I saw this article. After reading this article I got some information that I really needed, that we can prevent the cold and flu in some herbal remedy. You don’t need to buy some medicine product that costs too much. I learned from the article that we can find some herbal remedy in our kitchen like garlic and ginseng, they can boost our immune system to help us block the virus from spreading, and this will shorten the symptoms of the flu. It helped me to know what is the best supplement to fight the cold and flu , and boost my immune system.

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