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Exercise Therapy Best for Knee Pain, Study Finds

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According to a new study published on, patients undergoing severed knee pain can get relief from pain through supervised exercise therapy rather than getting improvement from general care and nutritional supplements containing glucosamine or chondroitin. The pain in knees often relates to a condition called Patellofemoral pain syndrome or runners knee. This pain arises at the front of the knee while pursuing an exercise or after the exercise. This pain could be seen in majority among adolescence women when they participate in sporting activities, during this condition doctors usually advice rest.

This Netherland based study, involved 131 patients in the age group of 14 and 40 years who had Patellofemoral pain syndrome for the last one year. The researcher found that participants who used exercise therapy showed less symptoms as compared to those who relied on rest and avoided strenuous activity. Patellofemoral pain is a widespread knee problem during which pain occurs under and around the kneecap in those patients who sit or stand for long time at one place or participate in strenuous activities.

Researchers point out that through exercise therapy muscles become stronger and flexible and thus reduce pain. In addition to this doctors also recommend icing the knee area for 10 to 20 minutes after each activity. Proper use of footwear also helps in reducing the pain.

There are several reasons behind knee pain. Sometimes when you get up in the morning, you find stiffness in knees while walking. This condition shows that there is some problem with the knees. But the good news is that knee usually responds to the treatment. Some common problems which cause knee pain include: being overweight. Overweight people are under the high risk of getting knee pain, unnecessary weight results in chronic knee pain and premature aging of your knees. This pain could be reduced while losing the weight. Exhaustion is also the reason behind the knee pain. Exercise and regular maintenance of good level of fitness is recommended. One of the home remedies usually advised during knee pain is application of ice at the affected area to minimize the pain. While icing ensure you didn’t have a burning sensation in the knee. Use of knee brace is also recommended to provide relief to the affected area as it provides stability to the affected area. Avoid strenuous activities. But athletes have an elevated risk of getting sudden knee injury like torn ligaments in the center of the knee or other fractures, which may lead to surgery of the affected area. However, in the extreme cases, people who have advanced knee osteoarthritis may require knee replacement surgery. This is however, an optional surgery and is a last resort if all fails. This happens in exceptional cases. The researchers concluded that further research is required in detail about the use of exercise therapy during knee pain.

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4 thoughts on “Exercise Therapy Best for Knee Pain, Study Finds
  1. Andrea

    I cannot agree more with this article. Both of my grandparents suffered from acute arthritis during their 60’s. I’m proud to say that they are physically competent compared to other people with the same age. Upon the diagnosis of the arthritis, their doctor recommended them to do mild physical activities to combat the condition; some pain medications were even prescribed whenever the symptoms become worse. Thankfully, they did not resort to any medication as they fought the condition as early as possible. My grandfather bought a bicycle and began cycling almost every morning as his form of exercise, while my grandmother on the other hand joined ballroom dancing with her friends. Not only did they overcome the arthritis, they are now enjoying their lives even more!

  2. Hannah

    My husband is a physical therapist and his patients often visit him in our house since his clinic is just next door. He always asks me to watch him work to raise my awareness to different health problems that would usually require physical therapy since my husband and his patients like to chat after the therapy sessions. Whenever possible, he likes having me around when he’s doing his work since I am a dietician and I could also give his patients some advice on what food to eat. We, specially my husband, also likes to help the physical therapist on checking my son’s basketball team when he is free since regular check-up is really necessary for an athlete.

  3. Jacob

    About a year ago, I was involved in a cycling crash accident. My leg was hurt badly and I was limping for a week. After the incident, I was brought immediately to the nearest hospital. Fortunately, no broken bones were found in my X-ray, only bruises and dislocated hips had stopped my progress. I looked for a therapist that can help me recover faster. The therapist had given me medication for pain to speed up recovery, he also advised me to exercise. The routine at first is really painful and I have no choice to take a supplement for this. After a month of doing the therapy, my condition improved and pain was reduced thanks to the supplement. Now I’m doing my practice ride for the event next year. I still feel the pain, yet I’m positive that the therapy session will help me a lot to heal faster.

  4. Montano

    Are you doing some exercise as part of your daily routine? If not, I will tell you that you should start now especially if you are having knee pain. Yes, you are correct. A study shows that exercising can reduce the pain in the knee caused by Patellofemoral pain syndrome or runner’s knee; these are caused by usually participating in a sports activity. So if you are an avid sports fanatic, you should try Pain Rescue Warm. After engaging into the exercise and you felt pain, drink this to feel the immediate relief. I already tried this and until now, I am still using this product every time I felt pain around my body.

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