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Fatty food can weaken the Immune System

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A thesis from Sahlgrenska Academy has discovered fresh evidence when it revealed that fatty food is destructive for our health. Their study was based on mice fed a lard-based diet for a longer period. The results showcased that mice that were fed with lard-based diet derived 60 percent of their calories from fat as against those whose diet had 10 percent. On comparing the results it was revealed that the mice that were fed on high-fat diet got fatter. One thing which surprised the researcher was that the immune system of the high-fat diet was less active. Their white blood cells got worse while dealing with bacteria in the blood. Doctoral student Louise Strandberg who wrote the thesis said “outcome of obesity is associated with inflammation and is not the result of an infection, which shows that immune defences are activated needlessly; ironically, the mice on the high-fat diet seem to have a less active immune system when they really need it.” Likewise obese people too are at a greater risk of getting the infection most probably through an operation. The thesis has made it clear that in mice the real culprit is fatty food rather than obesity itself which influence the skill to fight off sepsis initiated by bacteria. Strandberg made it clear by saying that there are all kinds of links between the immune system on the one hand obesity and diet on the other.

Did you know that fat is just a component in food? There are two main groups of fat viz., saturated and unsaturated. Saturated fat is hard in nature and its source is from animals like butter, cheese, whole milk etc., while its ingredients include cakes, pastries, chocolates, biscuits etc. Unsaturated fat is liquid in nature and has vegetable sources. Unsaturated vegetable oils are healthier in nature as compared to saturated fat its example includes soya, olive oil, and sunflower and can be found in cooked food like fish, sardines, pilchards, salmon etc. For attaining good health ensures you eat unsaturated fat.

Fruits and vegetables on the other hand do not contain any fat. But foods like oils, butter, nuts and meats have plenty of fat. Fat is also an essential part of a healthy diet. Various kids and children need it in an effort to develop their brain and nervous system. That is the reason why toddlers are always given whole milk which contains more fat, while older kids take low-fat or skimmed milk. Fat also take fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K around our body. They also play a vital role in strengthening our membrane structure and help protect our internal organs. Various discussions have highlighted on the need for intake of fat in our daily diet. Various random studies indicate that an average woman can take about 70g of total fat a day while for men 95g is sufficient.

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4 thoughts on “Fatty food can weaken the Immune System
  1. Faye

    I salute all those who can keep a well-balanced diet despite of all the temptations that modern society presents since it is hard to find nutritious meals that are minimal in bad nutrients with all the processed foods there are in the market. I, myself, do not have the patience to look at all the nutritional values of all the food that I buy, and I am relying on dietary supplements like Complete Tissue and Bone because it contains aloe vera which has a lot of health benefits. BUT, I also try to make up for that by always eating some fruits and vegetables in one of my meals within a day.

  2. Noelle

    I have a roommate who has a high cholesterol level which equates to 5.6 which is considered borderline high. What’s surprising about this fact is that she is not overweight at all; her body features are considered to be that of a healthy one. The factor we blame for this is due to the reason she’s working in a fast food company, therefore, since the company provides her meals for free on a daily basis, she may have overlooked the fact that this could deprive her overall health. Instead of continuing this routine, she now decided to cook her own meals constituting mostly of blanched and/or steamed vegetables with plain white rice. Lesson learned here is that we all could be victims not matter what our body structure is.

  3. Ric

    With lots of temptation especially food, I usually eats lots of fatty foods. I read a blog about fatty foods weaken our immune system. Now I’m keener in choosing what I take. Lean meat or white meat of chicken are the chosen for my diets. I also take additional supplement to increase my defense. I do lots of exercise and other physical activity to increase natural defense. Eating healthy foods like more green veggies and lots fruits can also help develop natural shield for common diseases. All the more we should be keener on our choice of foods. A healthy lifestyle means building a healthy you. Starting today I will change my habit, fatty foods will be a no no for me, veggies fruits and lots of water will be my defense for common disease.

  4. Mica

    This blog article enlightened me that fatty food can also lower our immune system. I know fatty food is not good for our body as it can cause high blood and heart attack that can lead straight to death. It’s not enough to take supplements that can boost our immune system. We should have a proper diet to keep our immune system in good condition. And I think before that if I eat a lot ,my immune system will improve to. After reading this blog article I got an idea that eating too much will not make your immune system improve does it can affect you immune system to get lowed. Still we need to have a healthy diet.

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