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How cooked fish affects heart-health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids

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If you love eating fish and want to benefit from its omega-3 fatty acids, read on… According to a research presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2009, it came to light that baked or boiled fish is better than fried or salted. Moreover, on adding tofu or low-sodium soy sauce would also add in more benefits.

According to the lead researcher Lixin Meng, M.S. of the study and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, “By boiling or baking fish with low-sodium soy sauce or shoyu and tofu is beneficial rather than eating fried, salted or dry fish. These methods of preparation of fish may contribute you at risk.” Earlier, various studies had suggested the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, like it reduces the risk of heart disease, but no emphasis was provided for its preparation methods or which source is most valuable.

In this study participants were recruited between 1993 and 1996. They were part of the Multiethnic Cohort who were the residents of Hawaii and Los Angeles country. The group had 82,243 men and 103,884 women of women of African-American, Caucasian, Japanese, Native Hawaiian and Latino descent in the age group of 45 to 75 years old without any history of heart disease. The main purpose of the study was to examine the source, type, amount and frequency of dietary omega-3 intake among gender and ethnic groups.

All in all the men who took about 3.3 grams of fish per day of omega-3 fatty acids had a 23 percent lower risk of cardiac death when compared to those who ate 0.8 grams per day. Meng pointed out that for women; the omega-3 effect was cardio protective at every level of consumption but not always significant. In reality salted and dried fish was a risk factor in women. In comparison, it was revealed that adding less than 1.1 gram a day shoyu and teriyaki sauce was protective for men. But for women shoyu showed a clear contrary relationship to death from heart disease. Ming noted that because of high content of sodium level in shoyu it has the ability to raise blood pressure, so it is beneficial to have low-sodium products in the diet. Eating tofu on the other hand had a cardioprotective effect in all the ethnic groups.

In the study Meng noted that Japanese and Hawaiians people eat fish in plenty when comparing it with whites, blacks and Latinos and they have a somewhat different method of preparing fish. Meng further said that eating omega-3s from shoyu and tofu which contain active ingredients like phytoestrogens could have a stronger cardioprotective effect than easting just omega-3s. Meng concluded further studies may confirm the assumption, but one thing is clear, this study will educate people how much fish could be eaten and how to cook it to prevent heart disease.

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5 thoughts on “How cooked fish affects heart-health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids
  1. Jerry

    Omega 3’s sound great, my family has a history of heart problems I will have to show this to them and get the on this it sounds like a win/win!

  2. Danish

    No wonder Japanese tend to live longer compared to other nationalities, most especially among Westerners. I have been to Japan for a few months for my business trip, and I must admit that aside from loving their culture, the country itself, and the people, I love their food the most! I, together with my coworkers, usually go to Japanese restaurants but nothing would definitely compare to a Japanese restaurant in the land of the rising sun. Their seafood are all prepared fresh making you come back for more without the guilt! Now I know why the Japanese are mentioned frequently in this article, they increase our awareness towards healthier living!

  3. Isabella L.

    My daughter-in-law, a dietician, has been really strict with our – my husband and I – diet since my husband had a mild heart attack. She increased our fish consumption since, as she said, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Of course I didn’t know what she meant back then. But upon reading your very informative article and other articles about it, I’ve seen how omega-3 can help prevent another heart attack or other heart diseases from happening. I will consult with her how I could also add tofu in our meals since it is hard to eat meals if it doesn’t taste that good. The only downside in having her check on us every week is that we can’t eat those unhealthy foods as she calls it.

  4. Paul James

    I love eating meat rather than fish and veggies. My gym buddies advised me to eat protein rich foods if I want to increase muscle mass. This suggestion really helped me develop my body muscle faster. I was browsing online and found this article about Omega 3, and I was surprised to know that this can help me become healthier. Omega 3 can control fats and the risk of developing heart diseases may reduce. I will add eating fish to my daily diet to increase the Omega 3 on my system. Now I feel healthier than before, my diet now include fish, meat, green veggies and small amount of rice. My regular exercise improved, the energy from fish and veggies had contributed a lot for energy production. Now I don’t need to depend on my energy needs for meats alone. I also include this supplement for additional omega 3 support for my body. Now I can say that I don’t just look healthy outside but also healthy inside.

  5. Kirsten

    Are you a fish lover? If yes, do you know something about Omega-3 fatty acids? This is the one responsible for a good and healthy heart so eating fish is very important. But did you also know that boiled or baked fish are better than fried or salted. Yes, you heard it right. A study suggests that it will be better if fish are cooked in this way since it will retain the nutrients of the fish especially the Omega-3 fatty acid; which is very important for the heart. But if you want to obtain more of this nutrient, try Omega-3 1000 softgels. I tried this product before and it is very effective in obtaining the desired amount of the nutrient. try and see it for yourself.

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