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Young adults who exercise get higher IQ scores

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We all have been listening to the advice conferred by doctors, our parents, teachers and well wishers when they say that regular exercise is essential for the well being of a person. This statement has got a big boost when a new study carried out at Sahlgrenska Academy and Sahlgrenstka University hospital revealed that young adults who are fit have a higher IQ and are perfect to study in university. The study’s results have been published in “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). The study was carried on 1.2 million Swedish men who were pursuing military service and were born between 1950 and 1976.

The study clearly showed that good physical fitness is important for better results. Michal Nilsson, Professor of Sahlgrenska Academy and Chief Physician revealed that by remaining fit, it becomes clear that a person has good heart and lung capacity and your brain gets plenty of oxygen. The study throws more light on the fitness and not muscular strength is important. The study further elaborated that it is the environmental factors and not genes which showcases link between fitness and higher IQ.

According to the researcher Maria Aberg, those youngsters in the age group of 15 to 18 years who can improve their physical fitness between the ages of 15 and 18 can also increase their cognitive performance. It could be possible because majority of schools have physical education as a subject and would do well in maths and other theoretical subjects as well. Researchers conveyed that link between physical fitness and mental performance has been carried out on children and old people. But the studies on young adults remained contradictory to date. Researchers further said up to the age of twenty our brain has the ability to change and develop rapidly both cognitively and emotionally.

There are a variety of benefits of exercise – It increases mental focus and you can escape from diseases like Alzheimer’s and senility, it increases self-esteem, one looks better, more confident and self-disciplined. Exercising regularly decrease the risk of heart attack this must be followed by change in your diet. This entire method if followed properly results in lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure, thus thin chances of having a heart attack. Work out pertaining to weight-bearing exercise diminishes the chance of osteoporosis. Exercising regularly also results in reduction in the risk of Breast Cancer up to 60%. Other benefits include it reduces depression, decreases everyday stress level, boosts strength and stamina. Exercising after day’s work stimulates your mood and you can have also a sound sleep. Before exercising start after a warm-up which will make your muscles and joints more flexible, spend the initial 5 to 10 minutes pursuing light stretching exercising or brisk walking. The results would start showing up within a week’s time and you can spend your life easily away from stress and strain.

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6 thoughts on “Young adults who exercise get higher IQ scores
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  3. Richard D.

    I REALLY like doing sports or any physical activities that look exciting and I want to try each of them. I started playing a lot of sports, like football, baseball and badminton since I was in middle school though, I just did it for fun. I was never much of the serious kind of academic student back then and I didn’t even think that being active in sports helped my memory during my studies. Although, I really liked math and science when I was still studying but now that I’m working, I’m just less active than before but I still want to try out other activities like capoeira, tennis, parkour, krav maga, bikram and anti-gravity yoga.

  4. Kendrick

    As written in the first sentence of the article, “we all have been listening to the advice conferred by doctors, our parents, teachers and well-wishers when they say that regular exercise is essential for the well-being of a person”, but the most important point is, have we really been listening to them? Most likely, the answer is a big NO. We usually overlook our health by excluding exercise in our daily activities, I myself am sometimes guilty of this. When I have much time, I try my best to work out and join fun runs or walkathons in our community. As a family man, I would love to remember every precious detail that has happened in my life and I really like to continue to enjoy more activities in the future.

  5. Mark Carl

    I love this blog it enlighten me why other people are much smarter than other person, physical activities will not only develop strength and muscle mass. When I read this blog I learned that doing regular exercise will make someone physically fit and healthier. Having a healthy body mean your heart and lungs are free of toxins, blood will flow seamlessly and it will also affect how each of us will think. Neurons can travel faster when our body is healthier, it can send accurate details for our brain to function well. I will continue to be physically active to help support my brain and memory, it’s a good time to start helping our brain for better processing and judgments.

  6. James

    I believe that if you are hyper active in any physical activities or to any sports. It’s not only your physical will improved also your mentally awareness will improve too. I am active at soccer and other sports, it’s not only physical strength you will use in that sport even your mentally awareness are need too. In that sport you should have fast reflexes and be a fast thinker to analyze your enemy tactic and moves to prevent them to have points. That’s why all the veteran players can remember all the things that happened to them even if it was a long time ago, because they have a good memory since they are physically and mentally healthy.

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