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Going to the Gym Shouldn’t Be a Workout for Your Eardrums

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Did you love listening to your iPod while working out at a gym, in kitchen, while traveling or when you are engaged in other activities? If so read on what a new research say about this. In a recent research published in International Journal of Audiology by Bill Hodgetts, assistant professor in the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine of University of Alberta pointed out that there is no problem listening to an iPod while working out but we need to focus on the volume levels in our earphones. The Professor pointed out that the atmosphere at a gym often trigger people to raise the volume of their iPod to unsafe levels thus raising potential damage to the ear.

The study was conducted at a place having gym-like setting, during the course of the study half of the participants listened at a potentially dangerous levels while working out due to the higher background noises. Hogetts found that apart from listening at higher volumes it should also be ensured how long s/he listens the iPod could also put a person at risk of having hearing loss. But Professor says there is good news “seal” the ear canal with good earphones. Ear plugs often helps in reducing background noises.

In yet another study on iPod listening carried out by the University of Colorado at Boulder and Children’s Hospital Boston revealed surprising behavior of teens. On receiving instructions from their peers to turn the volume of their iPods down, the teens instead turn them up higher, thus exposing their ears to potential damage. Moreover the study highlighted that teen boys listen louder than teen girls pointed out Cory Portnuff, CU-Boulder audiologist and doctoral candidate, who chaired the study. Such strange behavior put teens at a risk of music induced hearing loss. Portnuff informed we are clueless as to why teens who are concerned about the hearing loss risk play their music louder than others, but those teens who are aware the benefits of listening at lower levels had less hearing loss risk, which is why we emphasis in providing targeted education. However, the study was conducted at a relatively small percentage of teens. The number of teens who listen their iPods and MP3 players at a dangerous level is between 7 and 24 percent, it can’t be said that it is an epidemic level for hearing loss from these players.

One more concern researchers found that while Walkmans used 20 years ago were operated on AA batteries used to exhaust after a few hours, but iPods can run up to 20 hours without recharging them. All in all Hodgetts’ mission is to acquaint people to use appropriate superior quality earphones to enjoy music at a safer and lower level.

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5 thoughts on “Going to the Gym Shouldn’t Be a Workout for Your Eardrums
  1. Ruble

    It seems that everybody is into this kind of stuff lately. Appreciate you shedding light into this matter. Keep up your work.

  2. Benedict T.

    A big YES to the first sentence of this article! I really like listening to my music whenever possible – even when I’m working out – but I always make sure that it is not too loud since I really find it irritating. I go to the gym every day without fail even if it’s just for 30 minutes and I always make sure to have my music with me because it energizes me even more than working out without it. Even before I started going to the gym, I made sure to check the peak hours of the gym I go to since I am friends with the owner. Doing so helped me in enjoy my work-out without the hassle of increasing my music’s volume.

  3. Abigail

    I always go for a morning run before heading to work. And my work out is incomplete without the music. I like my music loud! I always make sure that I plug in my earphones when pumping up. Listening just fills the boredom and gives me that vibe to work out more. It’s one of my motivators when working out. Listening to my favorite music affects my speed. It sets the mood and maintains that beat while walking or running. I’ve been told by mom almost all the time that listening to loud music damages your ears. I never took her seriously until I felt the effect slowly. My hearing wasn’t as clear as before and it also affected how loud I spoke. I should have listened to her. So, yeah, working out does help you keep fit but listening to loud music isn’t healthy for your ears.

  4. Brian Paul

    Why do I feel like this article was written accurately for me? Firstly, I somehow would consider myself obsessed with how my body looks like. With that, I feel like I cannot spend a week without going to the gym and spend a few hours training to burn up those excess fats. Secondly, while doing so (especially when I use the treadmill), I always make sure to plug in my earphones and turn up my Spotify App. When I do so, maybe I unconsciously maximize the volume so that I could feel the upbeat rhythm making me more energized to work out. Unknowingly, it may have caused some problems regarding the condition of my ears. Great thing I came across this post thereby reminding me to be more cautious.

  5. Brandon

    Have you ever been tired working out in a gym? If yes, how about listening to a music player while working out? Yes it seems so relaxing but didn’t you know that it might cause damage to our ears. You are wondering how am I right? According to an observation, while some of us are enjoying working out in a gym while listening to a music player, we might accidentally raise the volume up, hence, damaging our ears. We might not notice this in the beginning but it can be alarming if we are not aware of our surrounding. So before we do any activities and plan to listen to music, let us be careful on our every movement.

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