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Patients who suffer in-hospital cardiac arrest during night have thin chances of survival reveal a study

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A study carried on 86,748 adults who participated in the American Heart Association National Registry of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation from Jan 2000 through Feb 2007 revealed some startling fact that a patient who suffers in-house cardiac arrest during night or on the weekend has thin chances of survival. The results of the study were evaluated by Mary Ann Peberdy, M.D. of Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond Va. During the study period a total of 58, 593 cases of in-hospital cardiac arrest were reported during day/evening hours, this includes 15, 110 cases on weekends, of these 28, 155 cases occurred during night hours. The researchers found a significantly lower survival to discharge rate for nighttime in-hospital cardiac arrest (14.7% vs. 19.8% for non-nighttime cardiac arrest).

The main finding of the study was a majority of deaths took place in-hospital due to cardiac arrests during nights and weekends than in the weekdays or during day time. The reason behind this could be biological differences in patients, due to negligence or shortage of hospital staffing and other operational factors were also responsible. These data suggests that there is more need and vigilance to be provided in hospitals during night time and weekend. This in return will enhance the survival rate and safety among patients due to cardiac arrest the research concluded.

But the billion dollar question is as to why people suffer from heart diseases? Why don’t they take precautions so that they could escape from getting heart diseases particularly during night time when the help factor at the hospitals is thin? The main symptom of heart disease is shortness in breathe, cold hand and feet ETC.

Most of the heart diseases occur due to wrong food habits. Cardiac arrest is the result of abrupt loss of cardiac function when the heart stops beating. When the heart stops beating a person would immediately lose consciousness and normal breathing is stopped, unless resuscitative efforts are implemented within seconds. Doctors also call this condition as “sudden death” or “sudden cardiac death (SCD)”.

Some time cardiac arrest could be flawed as a pulled muscle, in this situation take constructive measures cautiously and immediately and call your doctor. Doctors suggest the following measures which could help you 100% chances of survival particularly during winters:

  • After sleep don’t jump out of bed and start exercising. Stretch your body or walk before you start your day.
  • Dress suitably while going out in winters, wear windproof and waterproof garments.
  • Taking amla which is rich in vitamin C every day also help in reducing heart disease.
  • More over a glass of beet juice or fresh grape juice and pomegranate juice also helps in reducing chest congestions and heart aches. Moreover 1tsp of onion juice taken empty stomach in the morning also helps in normalizing the blood cholesterol level.

Heat is a vital organ in our body and controls the flow of blood; it needs to be safeguarded in an endeavor to live long.

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3 thoughts on “Patients who suffer in-hospital cardiac arrest during night have thin chances of survival reveal a study
  1. William J.

    I was a medical intern 3 years ago and I’ve experienced rotations in different departments and the one that I found most challenging was when I got assigned to ER since the most complicated situations can be found there. This particular article caught my attention because it involves in-house cardiac arrest during the night or weekends which is very unfortunate for everyone, even for the staff present during the stabilization of the condition. During my internship, I came across a lot of people with different health problems and, not to judge, I’ve seen a lot of unhealthy people even children. Eating the not-so nutritional kind of food should always be limited and healthy food should be mandatory, at least inside your own home.

  2. Jayla

    Before working in the BPO industry, I once practiced Nursing as my first profession. Being a nurse was one of the most memorable experiences for me; we consider it as a “vocation” rather than a mere “occupation.” With that being the case, I have experienced being assigned to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) every once in a while. Sadly, I agree with the contents of this article. I have witnessed myself that once a patient experienced cardiac arrest, it is likely that the health condition would be highly critical. The lesson this article conveys is that we should keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure. As early as possible, we should aim for a healthier lifestyle.

  3. Peter

    Heart problem could run in the family, my uncle and grandfather died due to heart attack. It was painful for the whole family when someone suffers from this. Both of them died early morning around 3am, we just think it was just coincidence yet this blog have explained why cardiac arrest could kill mostly during night time or midnight. Study shows that people who suffer from cardiac arrest may survive if it happens in weekdays and morning were hospital staff are available. This condition can be reduced if we will immediately start investing for our health. Heart diseases are associated on what we eat and also about our lifestyle. People who have poor diets and no regular exercise have a bigger chance of having heart problems.

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