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Why people indulge in overeating during holidays and weekends and how to escape from getting those extra calories?

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It is hard to escape from eating a lot more during weekends and holiday season. Even the most industrious dieter can’t get away from indulging in gaining some extra weight while holidaying. According to Jeffrey Inman, a University of Pittsburgh Professor of Marketing and Associate dean for research in the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, and his co-author Adwait Khare, Quinnipiac University professor of marketing studied the consumer eating behavior and found the quality and quantity of food taken deviate a lot during holidays and weekends.

According to research published in the fall 2009 Journal issue of Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, various festivals like, Thanksgiving, labor Day helps in binding family, friends and colleagues, all this results in high calorie intake of foods. Yet another Cornell study undertaken revealed that people at movie, theatres, and holiday receptions take 28% more total calories when they eat low fat snacks than a regular diet. Lead researcher of the study Brian Wansink in his book “Why we eat more than we think” has revealed that “people fail to realize that low-fat foods are not always low-calorie foods”. Low fat snacks in actual practice are 11% lower in calories but they believe these are 40% lower. Researchers’ revealed people believe they will feel less guilty while eating a low-fat food that is the reason why they will overindulge said Pierre Chand on, co-author and marketing professor at INSEAD in France. It is but sure that “low-fat” foods are not going to solve the obesity problem. People are sure to over-eat even the low-fat foods. But Wansink advises in his book Mindless Eating, “Stick with your regular diet and eat a bit less. It’s not only healthier but also good for your taste buds. If you are sure to control your diet during holidays, winter holidays would help you plan accordingly.

This way food taken in small quantities would also help you control your blood sugar level. Eat small but frequent meals. Don’t skip your meals entirely. Here are some holiday survival tips would help you in keeping control of yourself during holidays. Make it a habit to exercise to burn calories, take brisk walk, run or take a bike ride and eat fat in moderate level. If you can’t leave alcohol, stick to light beer or champagne spritzer. Before going for shopping eat before leaving home, this would help you control your diet. Set limits, to satisfy your sweet tooth. While attending holiday gathering or festivals stay away from the buffet table. Visualize yourself before attending a family gathering and make sure how much you are going to eat. Lastly enjoy the season and atmosphere around not just the food.

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4 thoughts on “Why people indulge in overeating during holidays and weekends and how to escape from getting those extra calories?
  1. Zander M.

    Great tips but still hard to do. I am one of those people who overeat during the holidays, despite always saying that I do not want to overeat. BUT! I am proud to say that I am not obese and that I haven’t had any negative results in my yearly lab tests so far. I think that eating chocolate almost every day when I was a teenager really helped in setting the limit for my sweet tooth. It sounds weird but it really did the trick for me and I DO NOT want to say this advice to children or teenagers; it is risky, kids! I just try to lessen my regular diet as said in the article and do my daily exercise by cycling.

  2. Ericka

    This is a perfect reminder for everyone, guys! I’ll be sharing this on my Facebook so that all my friends and family would be reminded of this important information that we usually tend to overlook. Most especially that Christmas season is just around the corner, we definitely wouldn’t want our tables to be empty with high-calorie meals. It’s the season to be fat as they all say! Posting this on my own Facebook timeline would definitely keep me reminded to watch out for what I will be eating. There’s a saying that goes, “you are what you eat”, and so I better watch out! If not, then my resolution for the New Year would be to immediately burn up the excess fat that I have!

  3. Kevin

    Why do people indulge in overeating during holidays and weekends? Simply, because during these seasons, people have so much time thinking and buying what they want to eat. They can plan all day long on how to spend their time eating. And as we know, eating is a very enjoyable hobby. It is hard to resist especially if all the foods that you want are in front of you. I am sure that you will be tempted. If you are thinking of escaping those extra calories, it is simple too. You just need to have a self-discipline and control of yourself. I know it is hard at first, but trust me, you will be glad that you have made it.

  4. Mark Anthony

    Over eating is a very common problem to all of us, we should be watchful of our diets, and the food we take, studies show that over eating could have bad effects in our body. This article have discussed that skipping meals may have a great impact in overeating. I do 5 meals daily, I cut down my meals into 3 for me to reduce my overeating problem. Overeating also have impact to our digestion. The more we eat in large amounts, there is a tendency that our stomach may be damaged. I’m now doing regular exercise to increase my metabolism rate, biking and running are my chosen outdoor sport. We should be very concerned of our diets, balanced diets will not just help our body. This can also improve our mental alertness. This article enlightened me on how I can help support my body needs.

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