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Causes and symptoms of allergic reaction in body

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Most of the people are allergic to one thing or the other. When an allergic reaction take place the immune system in our body reacts to it and assumes as if it is harmful for our body. People are allergic to certain foods, medicines, plant pollen etc. In an effort to protect our body from certain foods, the immune system produces lgE substance or antibodies to control that allergen. Thus, certain cells release chemicals like histamine into the bloodstream. This chemical then penetrates into nose, throat, eyes, skin or gastrointestinal tract causing allergic reactions. These allergic reactions could be mild or severe like runny nose or difficulty in breathing. Did you know the asthma attack in a person is an allergic reaction?

If aggravated these allergic reactions can become severe which are known by the name anaphylaxis. The symptoms of severe allergic reactions include difficulty in swallowing, breathing, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat. Fortunately, these severe allergic reactions have a cure.

According to Dr. Guy Delespesse, Professor at the Universite de Montreal Faculty of Medicine, allergies occur due to excessive cleanliness. There are several reasons involved through which allergy takes place like air pollution, stress, tobacco, family history, processed foods etc. According to researchers there is good relationship between hygiene and allergies. If a child lives in a more sterile environment, s/he may develop more allergic problems or immune problems in their lifetime. Did you know that Type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis are the result of immune system becoming hostile?

No doubt hygiene does reduce the exposure of harmful bacteria but it limits the exposure to good microorganisms. The researchers suggest use of probiotics to enrich our intestinal flora. Probiotics have a proven record of treating diarrhea. If taken during pregnancy probiotics helps in reducing allergies in a child. More people are prone to environmental allergic reactions like pollen, mold spores, animal hair, insects and chemicals. Severe allergies can be treated with injections but most of the people prefer on the counter medications. We should remain cautious in using various household items which trigger allergic reactions. Washing bedding more frequently at the highest temperature is recommended as it would kill dust termites instantly.

There are various ways available to control the allergies by avoiding the use of white sugar and things made of it. Only a few people know that white sugar is processed through chemical and toxic way. You should also avoid using processed foods and frozen-pre-packaged type foods. Wash all fruits and vegetables in warm water before using them. Try to prepare your meals at home by using fresh and natural products. Avoid saturated red meat. Smoking and heavy drinking of alcohol also results in allergic reaction in a body. Limit your intake of coffee consumption, only one or two regular cups are recommended per day. Your system can remain cleanse from toxins and residues if you practice juice fasting at times.

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5 thoughts on “Causes and symptoms of allergic reaction in body
  1. Sarah

    Thanks for writing this. I really feel as though I know so much more about this than I did before. Your blog really brought some things to light that I never would have thought about before reading it. You should continue this, I’m sure most people would agree with me.

  2. Daniel Taylor

    Allergies are very common these days. It’s important one knows how to prevent developing an allergy and also what are the symptoms of allergic reactions. This is a very informative blog post. Thanks.

  3. Dan N.

    I think that allergies are very common nowadays since I know a lot of people who are allergic to various products – such as medicines, poultry products, peanuts, dairy products and seafood – as well as dust and plant pollen. Being excessively clean may not be unavoidable to some people, especially to those moms that worry a lot when it comes to their kid’s health since times have been constantly changing. Being clean is the only thing that we can control since there is too much pollution in the air that we breathe. No matter what may cause the allergies, it is best to watch what we eat and drink, and make sure to boost our immune system with medically approved supplements.

  4. Emmy

    I used to think that being super clean would save myself from having allergy attacks. I used to argue with my friend before. He kept saying that if you are just too clean, it would give more opportunities for bacteria to go to you. I thought that was his excuse for being too messy. I guess he was right being too clean does harm the immune system. I also read before that there were researchers who tested a group of mice, which lived in a germ-free environment and fed sterilized food. After checking their bowel, the researchers found out that the mice had developed asthma and more bowel problems. So, I think I am convinced now that having the exposure to germs will train your immune system on how to respond to threats or bacteria. It teaches the immune system to work properly.

  5. Charlotte

    When I visited Japan for the first time last year during autumn season, I couldn’t help but wonder why several people are wearing surgical masks, but then I realized that it’s not because their country is polluted (it’s one of the cleanest countries I have been to), but because of hay fever or what some of them refer to as “pollenosis” which is caused by cedar trees. Fortunately, I found myself not affected by this, even if it is considered a yearly troublesome allergy for most of the Japanese. I admire the writer of this article to state some causes and symptoms of certain allergies; it makes us aware on the contributing factors, thus making us wary on how and why it occurs. Well done, Herbs Pro for yet another informative article!

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