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New findings of Dengue Fever could help with vaccine

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Dengue fever also known as “breakbone” or “dandyfever” could be described as an acute illness which could catch a person unknowingly. This condition shows symptoms like fever, headache, severe joint and muscle pain, rashes and exhaustion. People with low level of immunity are prone to this condition. This disease is usually caused by one of the four serotypes of viruses. A person can catch dengue fever multiple times, but this attack generate immunity for lifelong to that particular serotype for which the patient was exposed. A person can get dengue virus when Aedes aegypti from the mosquito bite which has previously bitten an infected person. Mosquitoes usually originate during rainy seasons and can breed in water-filled flower pits, cans, plastic bags etc. Even a mosquito bite from a single mosquito can mete out the disease. The virus is not communicable thus can’t be spread from one person to the other directly. Dengue hemorrhagic fever is a severe form of viral illness. The signs of hemorrhage include bleeding in the nose or gums, black stools, rashes and bruising. This form can be dangerous and can take one’s life.

According to a new research from Imperial College London, published in the May 6 edition of the Journal Science, it has been revealed that some of the human immune system’s defenses through which a person get dengue fever in reality helps in spreading the virus in more cells. This revelation after the research would help in preparing much more powerful vaccine against the dengue virus. The study also focused on the fact that why people at large who get dengue fever the second time have severe and dangerous symptoms. Dengue fever is prevalent in sub-tropical and tropical regions of South East Asia and South America.

With the passage of time the incidence of this fever has increased to a large extent in the last century and now two fifths of the world’s population is at a greater risk from this condition, World Health Organization revealed recently. Till date there is no licensed vaccine available to combat this disease.

This research also identified a set of antibodies, which are created by the human immune system to combat dengue virus, scientists are of the opinion these should not be included in any new vaccine to avert dengue fever. The lead author of the study Professor Gavin Screaton, is of the opinion that a large proportion of the world’s population has risk of getting dengue fever, though its treatment has improved a lot, it could be a painful disease and people are dying from it. But our new research has provided us important information to combat with the dengue virus. Our research will help scientists to create an effective vaccine for this dreaded disease.

Presently there is no special treatment or vaccine available for dengue fever. But precautions like aerosol and liquid spray could be applied directly to the mosquito apart from using mosquito mats and coils.

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7 thoughts on “New findings of Dengue Fever could help with vaccine
  1. Tony

    Admiring the persistence you put into your blogs and information you offer!

  2. Mindy

    I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the satisfying info you have here on this post. I will be coming back to your blog for more soon.

  3. Joseph Thomas

    I am an old scientist and it’s great to hear that new inventions are being made in the area of science. Dengue is a recent problem and has been spreading extensively; it’s amazing that the new findings you talk here about can help the vaccine. Kudos!

    • Coralie

      This was so helpful and easy! Do you have any arlcites on rehab?

  4. Peter J.

    I’m not sure if there’s already a vaccine available to fight against dengue fever since I haven’t heard any news about it but I really do hope that there’s already a vaccine for it. I’ve had dengue fever and it is not a pleasant experience – any illness, for that matter – because it really tends to weaken you completely if it’s not treated promptly. I tend to keep a healthy lifestyle to avoid getting sick but I was at the wrong place at the wrong time then. My immune system which I worked so hard in making sure that I’m on the top of my game failed me big time. There’s just no stopping it unless you go to a hospital for treatment.

  5. Sean

    This is good news! Dengue has been uncontrollably spreading and before we know it, there could be a possibility that it would spread all across the world as well. Although dengue is not considered as a communicable disease, what’s sad about this is that it could be extremely life-threatening especially among children or those who have very weak immune system. Asian countries such as the Philippines and Thailand are greatly affected by dengue fever. As what I know through research, government officials are trying their best to increase the public’s awareness to prevent this condition from worsening. Since some vaccines are yet to be approved, precautions are always the best way to prevent this from spreading.

  6. Benny

    During rainy seasons, mosquitos have lots of areas where they can breed and increase their numbers, Dengue is one of the harmful viruses we can get when bitten by a mosquito. It can cause fever, red spots in your body. Stagnant water are favorite breeding grounds of mosquitos, in able to fight and decrease their number, you must always check all stagnant water near our house. Repellent lotion can also improve our protection to mosquito bites. I was taking a supplement to strengthen my immunity to common diseases. Studies show that dengue mostly affects victims who have low immune system. With the right diet, regular exercise and additional supplement, we can have a natural protection from dengue fever.

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