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New technology introduced to tackle food allergens

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According to a recent study carried out by the National Institute of Allergy and Infections Disease (NIAID) around 30 percent of Americans suffer from food allergies. Food allergies are often diagnosed through various skin tests. But MIT Chemical Engineer Christopher Love believes he has found and introduced a new and better way to diagnose food allergies. The new technology look into individual immune cells taken out from patients, for food allergies took place through milk and peanuts. They show a correct measurement of the cell’s outcome through such allergens. Through this novel technology food allergies could be diagnosed with an ordinary blood test. This test would be faster and reliable from the tests being taken now-a-days. A lot of time is lost now-a-days in diagnosing the correct cause of the allergens. According to May 12 edition of Journal of the American Medical Association, in U.S. 6 to 8 percent of children under the age of four and 4 percent of kids of age five or older suffer from at least one food allergy. Random studies have divulged that most of the allergens take place due to eggs, milk, peanuts and soy. Most of the food allergies take place when a protein in food is mistaken by our immune system as a harmful substance. These food allergens affect could be seen in a person by way of hives, rashes, gastrointestinal debacle and difficulty in breathing. Some allergies could be life-threatening and need immediate medical attention.

Those persons who are diagnosed for food allergies have to undergo a skin test. In this method small quantity of potential allergens are put under the skin of the patient’s arm. During this test, if a patient’s blood has found to be some antibodies of particular allergens, the person suspected for all allergens would start feeling redness and itching at that particular spot. This itchiness occurs due to the release of histamines. But this test has a drawback, for example the presence of antibodies would not always mean that patient is allergic to that particular substance.

However, Love’s new technology follows’ some other approaches. In this new methodology instead of looking for antibodies, the system detects patient’s immune cells for tiny proteins called cytokines. In this test blood is drawn from the patient while white blood cells are isolated from the sample. They after being placed into around 100,000 individual cells are exposed to potential allergens. By employing these technique researchers take “prints” of the cytokines which are produced by every cell. Through this process amount of cytokines so secreted by individual cells is correctly measured. According to Amal Assa’ad Professor of Pediatric immunology and allergy, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, the technique to measure an individual’s immune cell is a great advancement. To fully test the implications these allergens “Would have to be tested on multiple patients in an effort to see the association with clinical allergy.

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9 thoughts on “New technology introduced to tackle food allergens
  1. Robert Rice

    The article has really peaked my interest. I will take a note of your website and keep checking for new details about once a week.

  2. Robin Yunisa

    It’s hard to come by knowledgeable people in this particular topic, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks.

  3. R Julie

    Amazing content, lots of fine information. I am going to indicate to my close friends and ask them what they think.

  4. Hershel

    Very impressed with the post.

  5. Richard Davis

    This is a great article. I suffer from food allergies and couldn’t eat most foods, but with this new technology, things have been made easier. Thanks so much for bringing it to our notice. Its really informative and helps a lot.

  6. Charles Taylor

    Allergens can wreck havoc in one’s life and also steal beautiful moments from a person’s life. Thank you very much for sharing details about this technology. It’s very helpful, my mother suffers from this and this blog post has been very useful for her.

  7. Mia

    Your site is pretty amazing! I watched an episode from the Kardashians and one of them (I think it was Kim) had to take an allergy test. Her allergist injected various medications on her back to check which one will cause an allergic reaction. While watching it, I thought that process would be more dangerous. Your article must be passed around! With the advancement of science and technology, it is a big step to think of other ways to test a person’s allergic reaction without affecting the person’s health. Christopher Love is truly a genius by thinking of taking the immune cells out instead of injecting to test allergic reactions. This is a big help for all those who are unsure of their allergies and those who are scared of taking tests!

  8. Amanda

    I can’t believe that this article is already 4 years old and I just read it! I always try to look for articles related to allergies since my youngest son is allergic to poultry products which is such a hassle since the eldest likes chicken. Not all people are very knowledgeable with every medicinal related topics – in this case, skin testing – which has a drawback wherein a particular substance may not necessarily mean that the patient is allergic to it. Love’s new technology in finding out allergies will be very helpful for a lot of people who hates needles aside from its efficiency in properly sorting allergies because it won’t be relying on the antibodies.

  9. Solomon

    I commend Herbs Pro for coming up with such a fine article as this one, not only that it is informative, but it also arouses the interest of many readers who are eager to learn more about advancements in the technological world of medicine in today’s modern society. It was stated herewith that skin tests have their drawbacks, and due to the decent explanation provided by this article, it made me realize why I didn’t undergo a skin test when I needed an injection of tetanus toxoid when I had a minor injury, now I know that it is because the antibodies present would not always mean that I would be susceptible to such medication. Thank you for this very helpful information! Now I wouldn’t be worried about that incident anymore!

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