Potential Benefits of Probiotics

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I am sure that you have heard about probiotics, many of the yogurt commercials these days are talking about them. But, do you know what they are and how they work for you? Probiotics are living bacteria that have been proven to be of benefit to the host. A probiotic is a microorganism that has an effect on other microorganisms.

Some studies have shown that supplemental probiotics can help boost the immune system and may help to prevent cancer, and certain types of diarrhea. They may be used to treat various forms of gastroenteritis; they might be able to reduce the length and the frequency of stools.

Many times people have antibiotic – associated diarrhea, this is the result of an imbalance in the colonic micro biota that is brought on by antibiotics. The antibiotics will sometimes interfere with the body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates and decrease fatty acid absorption, and osmotic diarrhea is a result of this. It is believed that antibiotic – associated diarrhea (AAD) can be reduced with probiotic therapy.

Many times a lactose intolerant person may benefit from a probiotic supplement. There are certain types of probiotics that may help these individuals tolerate more lactose that they normally can.

In regards to cancer, probiotics have been shown to have anti – mutagenic effects. What that means is this; the probiotics bind with carcinogenic substances (found in cooked meats) and evidence supports that they act against colon cancer, binding with the cancer causing substances.

Probiotics can also aid in lowering cholesterol. They lower cholesterol by breaking down the bile in the intestines thus slowing down or preventing it from reabsorbing. This enters the blood as cholesterol if it is permitted to do so.

Although more study is needed in this area, some positive results have occurred with blood pressure. Some studies have shown a slight reduction in the blood pressure when taking a probiotic supplement. Not only that, but more positive results have occurred with the immune system, bacteria in the gut is needed so by taking the probiotics the “good” bacteria helps to maintain the immune system. Probiotics are also important in the fight against Inflammatory Bowel Disease in adults. They help to regulate the bowels and reduce inflammation as a result of this disease.

The potential benefits of probiotics are many and need to be explored more thoroughly, but studies are promising for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, colitis, and necrotizing enterocolitis as well as the benefits it produces in vitamin production.

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5 thoughts on “Potential Benefits of Probiotics
  1. Charles Wilson

    I have heard the super market guy telling me probiotics are the things of the age, but I have always been very skeptical about using them. Since your blog post talks so strongly of the same, it makes it easier for me to believe in probiotics.

  2. Lindsay

    Interesting. Yes I have seen the numerous yogurt commercials that promote probiotics, although until reading this article I had honestly no idea what they were or what exactly they did to your body that was so beneficial. This has certainly been an eye opener to me, and I think that the information in this article will affect my yogurt picking decisions from now on. 🙂

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  4. Thomas

    Probiotics are a necessary supplement to support digestive health. Generally, probiotics work by helping the body to digest and absorb as much nutritional value as possible. Without probiotic support, the body encounters difficulty properly digesting food, and despite eating healthy, the body does not absorb all of the nutrients it needs. I like that there are probiotic supplements that I can take that help me maintain my digestive health.

  5. Bianca

    I have been having quite an upset tummy every now and then, that’s why I decided to pay a visit to our family doctor to clear me of any worries. The doctor told me that I have a weak immune system thus making my digestive system the main target and making my tummy frequently upset. He prescribed Naturade’s Probiotics to aid my digestion and to help prevent heartburn and constipation. And wow I’m telling you, after my first intake of this supplement, my stomach felt light and it somehow helped in relieving that bloated feeling, thus making my stomach just calm and no longer distressed! I will always keep this to aid me in any future bouts of stomach problem.

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