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Benefits of Vitamin E

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Vitamin E, this is a fat soluble vitamin that is abundant with antioxidant properties. A fat soluble vitamin is one that is stored in the liver and does not need to be replenished daily. The interesting thing about vitamin E is that it comes in eight different forms, we do not need to explore each of these, but the most active form for humans is Alphatocopherol.

One can find vitamin E in natural or synthetic forms, the natural forms are labeled with the letter “d” and the synthetic forms are labeled with a “dl”. This allows the consumer to decide which they will choose. The best way to get any vitamin is from the foods we eat, however; we understand that is not always possible, so a supplement is the next best thing.

The foods that contain vitamin E include eggs, fruits, leafy vegetables, fortified cereals, meats, nut oils, poultry, vegetable oils, argan oil, olive oil, wheat germ oil, and whole grains. The best way to get the full amount of vitamin E is to eat the fruits and vegetables raw, as cooking and storing may destroy the vitamin E in some foods.

The benefits of vitamin E have been touted for years now. Studies suggest that vitamin E can help prevent or treat copious health conditions. This is based on the antioxidant properties it contains. But the researchers feel that it is particularly helpful with cancer and heart disease.

One should always remember, even good things can be overdone. There is some concern about taking vitamin E supplements in high doses. The thought is that too much vitamin E can cause bleeding especially to those who are taking blood thinners, or may have a vitamin K deficiency. These thoughts are not conclusive, however; one must be cautioned.

The consumer may notice that many of the moisturizers on the market advertise that they contain vitamin E. It is thought that vitamin E helps to moisturize, revitalize and replenish the skin as well as prevent scar tissue formation.

It is important to understand vitamins are an essential part of our health; we need them in order for our bodies to function properly. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that is known to protect vitamin C, vitamin A, red blood cells, and essential fatty acids from being destroyed. When taking vitamins one should only take the recommended amount unless a doctor says otherwise.

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8 thoughts on “Benefits of Vitamin E
  1. Jake

    I am very glad that you mentioned the fact that even good things can easily be overdone. I see so many people who go from one extreme of eating too many fatty foods, and doing little to no exercise to overdosing on vitamin supplements and eating hardly anything. Thankfully I think I have found a diet that suits my body most efficiently, as it has a balance of fatty and nutritious foods.

    In terms of vitamin E, I have heard many posts that state it has health benefits, but none of them are in areas of my body that I personally feel need work. With that being said it is certainly something that I am considering consuming more of, as currently I do not believe that my diet plan contains an adequate amount.

    • Moon

      You really saved my skin with this inanomftiro. Thanks!

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  3. Daniel Taylor

    This is a great blog post. Vitamin E has so many benefits and I had never thought of it this way. Thanks a lot. Please keep up the good work.

  4. Emily

    This really explains a lot! I really appreciate that it is written in consideration to those who do not eat a well-balanced diet regularly. Supplement is really the next best thing to make sure that we do not lack any nutrients in our body that might affect our health, however, it is also hard to find supplements – herbal or synthesized – that is effective and doesn’t contain too much harmful chemicals because sometimes, most of us do not have the time to consult with our doctors about the supplements that we are taking. I think the message of this article is very clear – to take supplements according to its recommended intake.

  5. Catty

    The largest organ in the human body is one you can see most easily: the skin. Just like any other organ, it needs to be protected. Vitamin E, a substance found naturally in many food like almond, olives, papaya, plant oil, hazelnut, and avocado, carries a tremendous benefit for skin cells. Its antioxidant properties can help fight the signs of aging, protect from sun damage, and even potentially lower the risks of skin cancer. Aside from the skin, it moisturizes our hair and ensures a healthier liver and kidney. It can even help ease menstrual cramps and Dysmenorrhea and possibly improves fertility. I believe that some studies show that vitamin E could also help in preventing the onset of mental disorders like Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

  6. Lindsey

    Vitamin E has a unique role as a dietary supplement. It is able to increase the antibody response to vaccinations. Vitamin E is particularly important for the elderly, since a deficiency is associated with a higher risk of bone fractures. Supplementing additional vitamin E, however, will not provide additional benefits to bone health. For some who enjoy eating unhealthy food, they could buy vitamin E in supplement form. However, you just have to be careful because high doses of vitamin E might increase the risk of bleeding (by reducing the blood’s ability to form clots after a cut or injury) and of serious bleeding in the brain (known as hemorrhagic stroke). People should get most of their nutrients from food like I do.

  7. Cherry

    It’s totally great that Herbs Pro always have stock of Now Foods’ Vitamin E 200 IU Softgels! This one is quite difficult to find in stores that’s why I am grateful that I could purchase this conveniently with just a few clicks. Since taking Now Foods’ Vitamin E for some years now, I have noticed great effects already! In my case, I mainly take Vitamin E to counter the possibilities of having Alzheimer’s disease, to prevent cancer and to keep a healthy heart. Other than these, I have also noticed that my skin becomes noticeably radiant and youthful, my wrinkle formation becomes lesser and my acne scars are somehow lightening. This is a great vitamin with magical powers within it!

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