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Best Supplements for Men’s Health

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Our recommended list of the “Best Supplements for Men’s Health”

Over the years, we have been asked many times by our readers for our recommended lists and suggestions on various conditions. We thought we will start providing our recommendations based on the popularity of various supplements in different categories. One of the most asked category is “Men’s Health”.

The correct supplements at the correct dosage and with the correct combinations can help men’s heart conditions, protect their immune systems, and pump up their sex lives. The wrong combination of supplements or the wrong dosage of supplements can be problematic. Use supplements with caution and care, because taking too much of a supplement can cause problems. Doctor’s advice is useful before consuming any new supplements, because the supplements can interact with medications already prescribed and consumed by men. The list for threats to men’s health can be long. It includes heart problems, cancer, and unintentional injury. These threats are largely preventable. Thankfully, our “the best supplements for men’s health” recommendations are a big part of the preventable therapy men can use to beat these risks.

Acetyl L-Carnitine
This amino acid converts and boosts antioxidant activity in the body. It tops our “best supplements for men’s health” recommendations since it may protect gray matter from stress caused by alcohol and aging.
Recommended Dose: 1,000 mg/daily
Natural Sources: Red Meat/Dairy Products

Korean Red Panax Ginseng
Sixty percent of men with erectile dysfunction who took this supplement noticed improvement, according to a Korean study done in 2002. The herb may also protect the heart, a Canadian study noted. A daily dose reduced arterial stiffness.
Recommended Dose: 900 mg up to three times a day
Natural sources: Korean ginseng root

Coenzyme Q-10
CoQ-10 can lower blood pressure levels while boosting levels of CoQ-10, an enzyme thought to protect blood vessels from damage. CoQ-10 may also improve sperm quality, Italian and Japanese found that it can increase fat burning during exercise.
Recommended Dose: 30 to 200 mg/day
Natural Sources: Meat and fish, eggs, broccoli

Fish Oil
Loaded with the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, fish oil can reduce triglycerides, boost HDL cholesterol, and lower blood pressure. The healthy fat is also known for lowering the risk of colon cancer, reduces inflammation, and improves cognitive performance.
Recommended Dose: 2 to 4 Grams/day
Natural Sources: Oily Fish

Saw Palmetto
The risk rises for (BPH) benign prostatic hyperplasia, a condition that makes you trickle in the toilet. Saw Palmetto may help restore the flow. Noted in a study done in Korea.
Dosage: 320 mg/day
Natural Sources: Saw Palmetto berries

The best supplements for men’s health recommendations list should also note the benefits of selenium to fight off cancer. “”No other single nutrient appears to prevent cancer more effectively than selenium,” says Gerald F. Combs, Ph.D., director of the USDA’s Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center. It basically forces cancer cells to self-destruct. Combs’s studies have linked increased selenium consumption to a decreased risk of cancers of the prostate, colon, and lungs, among others.

Of cource, no list can be complete without we mentioning a good multi-vitamin. Preferably a vitamin brand made lead free. Lead can increase Parkinson’s disease, risks of cancer rise, and risks of heart disease increase exposure to lead.

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5 thoughts on “Best Supplements for Men’s Health
  1. Daniel

    Great read! I have been advised by my doctor to begin increasing the amount of omega-3 that I am getting from my diet in order to enhance my overall health. Of course as someone who hates the idea of eating more fish this did seem like an impossibility until I began taking the supplements available. Since I began taking them I have noticed a definite improvement in my general overall health. I will be sure to give some of the other supplements stated here a try thanks!

  2. Charles Moore

    Men are mostly negligent of their own health in running around for work and relaxing in the evening. A man’s body definitely needs some supplements after a certain age. These supplements look really good. Thanks for this great list.

  3. Sean J.

    I was an overweight kid who started working out and eating better to reduce weight only when I turned 10 years old so I could play football with kids my own age. Now, still trying to get fit, I lost a little weight in less than a year, but no matter what food I ate and how much I visited the gym, I couldn’t achieve the form I wanted. To be honest, I’m not a big supplement person. I only tried it because I wanted to look more masculine. Nevertheless, I’m glad I did! Supplement for men’s health ensures your hard work turns into hard muscles without side effects and you can benefit at any time of the day. I feel good about myself now more than ever.

  4. Jonathan

    Browsing through information over the internet, practically, men, in general, are less healthy than women. Currently, it is said that the life expectancy for men is about 75 years. For women: 80 years. Many men die each year from heart attacks than women. Major diseases such as stroke, diabetes and chronic lung disease are all higher for men. Does it mean that women take care of themselves more than men? It is observed that there are a lot of women visit to a doctor compared to men. However, there are more men who are conscious of their body shape and appearance. They do some work out and take the best health supplements for them. Definitely, these supplements help improve their health and could prevent getting diseases.

  5. Phoebe

    WOW! I didn’t know that there are a lot of vitamins that men can take to protect their health and most of these are new to me. Being around a lot of guys in our house, most of them, think that they’re like Superman who don’t get sick – which I agree since I rarely see my brothers sick compared to me. However, I really do not notice any of them taking any supplements or they just want to hide it from me so that I would still be amazed by their “steel-like” health. Saw palmetto and selenium is definitely remarkable since guys are usually more prone to urinary problems as I’ve seen with my relatives, while selenium looks helpful for both sexes.

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