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Why Do We Need Vitamin K?

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Everyone needs vitamin k, but what do we know about it? What is it and why is it needed, these are great questions that should be answered.

Vitamin K is actually ketamine; it is a fat soluble vitamin that the human body needs for blood coagulation. The proteins in the vitamin K help the body to form certain proteins to keep us from bleeding to death from even a small cut. Vitamin K comes in two natural forms, K1 and K2. The first one is found in leafy green plants with the highest amount of vitamin K1 to be found in vegetables, this is because it plays a huge part in photosynthesis. This is often thought of as the plant form of vitamin K. The second form is K2 and it is found meats. This one performs such tasks as making blood clotting proteins.

Why do we need vitamin K? Not only does it help with blood clotting in the case of an injury, but vitamin K2 helps to protect the heart. This vitamin works to help prevent the hardening of arteries, and this is a common cause in coronary artery disease and heart failure. There have been studies that suggest vitamin k helps to keep calcium out of the artery lining and other tissues of the body, thus preventing cardiovascular disease.

Vitamin K2 has also been shown to help prevent Osteoporosis. A diet that is rich in fresh, raw foods will maximize the minerals in the body helping the body do what it needs to do – get calcium to the bones. In some cases, vitamin k has been proven to stop and reverse bone loss and increase bone density. Reductions in bone fractures have also been associated with the proper amounts of vitamin K2, and it is more effective than vitamin K1 in raising osteocalcin. Osteocalcin is the substance that controls bone building in the body. The strength of the bones in the body are dependent on more than just calcium, they are composed of many different minerals.

Both vitamin K1 and K2 have been shown to be valuable in the fight against certain cancers. These include non-Hodgkin lymphoma, colon, stomach, nasopharynx and oral cancers. In addition to these benefits add to it that vitamin K can work toward preventing Alzheimer’s disease, improves insulin sensitivity, contains antioxidant properties, and when used as a topical treatment it may reduce bruising.

Keep in mind when using a vitamin K supplement that it is a fat soluble vitamin that means that one must consume some fat with it in order to get that benefits one is seeking.

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7 thoughts on “Why Do We Need Vitamin K?
  1. Eugine

    I have heard a lot about the benefits of vitamin K yet I do not know of many foods that actually contain it. One of the main benefits that makes me want to potentially purchase some supplements for it is the fact that it protects the heart. Recently, I have felt as if my heart has become somewhat weaker and I want to try anything to restore it to its usual pulsing self. Hopefully this vitamin will help.

  2. Mark Thomas

    I had no clue something like vitamin K existed. This is brilliant information. A herbal supplement for this would be a blessing and boon. Thanks.

  3. Michael

    Great article, it is very good to know that there are supplements available that can give you this hard to come by vitamin, after all much of the food out there is processed and lacks these essential vitamins. Thanks for informative post!

  4. Vangelyn Kay

    I think most of us overlook the importance of Vitamin K. As a meticulous reader of health related blogs, articles and magazines I have known that Vitamin K contributes a lot of importance to our health and therefore shouldn’t be overlooked. Some studies have proven that ample amount of Vitamin K in our system may help us counter any risks of having heart problems thus helping us live longer. I’m taking Now Foods’ Vitamin K2 of 5000 IU on a daily basis to help my arteries to be cleared off any calcium plaque, thus preventing any heart disorders. In addition, it also noticeably whitens my teeth and makes my bones stronger! What I love about this is that it’s reasonably priced without depriving the quality of the product.

  5. Jason

    I really hate topics regarding vitamins. I know that it is important in ensuring that we are properly healthy but there’s just too many of them! This kind of topic may be helpful for those health-conscious people out there but then, most of the food that we eat – not the fast-food or processed ones – already contains most of the vitamins and nutrients that we need; it’s just a matter of how much we take and how we prepare the food. On a more serious note regarding this topic, it is very informative and vitamin K is a new learning but eating fresh, raw foods is just plain risky since people might get salmonella in doing so.

  6. Ben

    Many of us are not familiar with vitamin K and its benefits. Others may think they don’t need it or it’s not as important as other vitamins. Let me tell you something, if you care about your bones, your teeth, your blood circulation, your heart, and if the thought of osteoporosis, leukemia, and cancer freaks you out, well it’s time you did some research on one of the most overlooked vitamins. Vitamin K can be found in herbs such as basil, thyme, parsley, coriander, and sage, and in green leafy and salad vegetables like spinach, beet and turnip greens, green and red lettuce, celery, arugula, and cucumber. So next time you think of vitamin K as a vitamin that your body doesn’t need, think again.

  7. Lisa

    Vitamin K is a kind of vitamin which is not commonly heard of. However, it plays a very important role in our body. A new born baby for instance has only a little amount of vitamin K in their bodies at birth so almost all new born babies are given vitamin K shot. This kind of vitamin is absolutely essential to building strong bones, preventing heart disease, and supporting the crucial part of other bodily processes. A baby who does not have enough Vitamin K can start to bleed suddenly. This is known as Vitamin K deficiency bleeding. This may happen to adult as well. If we lack vitamin K, there is a possibility of life-threatening bleeding.

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