Benefits and Effects of Green Tea Supplements

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There are a variety of teas that you can enjoy. Most people are familiar with black tea that is offered in restaurants or stores but there is another color out there you should get to know for a variety of reasons; sometimes called Chinese or Japanese tea or just plain old Green tea.

In many Eastern medical practices and traditions, green tea was used in many ways including as a stimulant, astringent and a diuretic. The benefits and effects of green tea have been documented extensively in human, animal and laboratory tests. The plant itself that green tea is derived from is actually the same that Black and Oolong teas are taken from, the difference being Black tea is completely fermented, Oolong is partially fermented and Green tea leaves are completely unfermented. The fermentation process affects the polyphenol content and therefore if the leaves are left unfermented, you have a higher level of polyphenol and interestingly, lower caffeine content. Those polyphenols do however, give it a bitter flavor. Polyphenols possess remarkable anti-oxidant qualities which is one of the more appreciated qualities it has.

Benefits and Effects of Green Tea
Benefits of Green Tea

The list of other benefits Green tea and supplements offer are extensive and available with some quick research but here are just a few of the healthy qualities it can provide. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published an article in 2011 that stated in trials involving 1,136 people, they found lowered levels of overall cholesterol and LDL –the bad cholesterol the doctor keeps warning about. It’s believed that one of the anti-oxidant groups found in Green tea; catechins, appears to decrease the absorption of cholesterol in the stomach.

Do you have problems with glucose spikes? A high carbohydrate based diet can cause this and can result in chronic health issues including cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Green tea polyphenols block the enzymatic action of alpha-amylase that breaks down carbohydrates in the pancreas by 34 percent in laboratory studies.

If you want to reduce your caffeine intake, replace your morning cup of coffee with a cup of green tea. The average cup of coffee has 100-150 mg of caffeine while Green tea has only around 25mg. Keep in mind the brewing period can result in an increased caffeine level and also what you’re adding to the morning brew should be considered as well.

Green Tea and supplements
Green tea and supplements

Have you noticed your pants shrinking? Yes, that’s what we always blame that problem on instead of the actual problem but the journal Nutrition Research published a study that used the equivalent of 5-8 cups of Green tea a day in a program of fat reduction & cardiovascular risk reversal. The results showed an average of only 6 cups a day or an extract supplement could help prevent coronary artery disease. If this isn’t practical for you, Green tea supplement capsules may be a better choice.

There are some other concerns you should take into account though if starting a dietary plan with Green tea as a major component. It does contain small amounts of Vitamin K which can make certain anti-coagulant drugs such as warfarin less effective. Some studies have found people may have live problems if taking the extract form. It should always be taken with food and if symptoms of liver disorder such as abdominal pain or dark urine occur, they should consult their physician. Also, you should research the type of green tea supplement you want to take because there isn’t any specific consistency between brands. Consider the amount of actual Green tea, polyphenols and catechins as well as any additives like Vitamin C

Now that all the details of Green tea has been discussed, how do you prepare a cup? Those polyphenols that were mentioned earlier can cause a ‘grassy’ taste if not handled properly so try these suggestions.

Use 1 tea bag, about 2-4 grams of tea per cup. Fill a kettle with cold water and bring it to a boil. Allow it to stand for about 3 minutes. Pour the water over the mixture (bag or loose leaf) and let it steep for up to 3 minutes. If you’re using a tea bag, remove it then let the tea cool for about three more minutes. And then enjoy your new path to health and adding a new flavor to your culinary experience.

Below listed are few top products of Green Tea :

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3 thoughts on “Benefits and Effects of Green Tea Supplements
  1. Thelma

    I love drinking tea, it gives me this refreshing feeling especially after eating so much! I love the fact that it provides health benefits like decreasing the absorption of cholesterol in the stomach. I have been trying the Herbagreen Tea – HONEY LEMON drops and I love the taste. Unlike other teas that I have tried, Herbagreen Tea has a light tea taste which is not too sweet. It doesn’t have that grassy taste and you don’t need to add sugar like some people do. I only know so little about the benefits and even the differences of teas. After reading this article, I am more curious in trying different teas.

  2. Francesca

    Green tea is really helpful. I’ve read quite a few studies regarding its health benefits when it comes to weight loss, diabetes, cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease. I started drinking green teas when I was in middle school to maintain my weight because I was a fool to listen to what beauty is, according to the kids at school. I’ve tried every brand of green tea available such as Lipton, Twinnings, and a lot more. 6 years ago, when I got older and hopefully wiser, I came across Uncle Lee’s Organix Green Tea because of my friend’s mom who was very close to me. She taught me a lot about green tea and its benefits.

  3. Luis

    It’s a fact that green tea has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to treat everything from headaches to depression. The leaves are richer in antioxidants than other types of tea because of the way they are processed. Green tea is believed to reduce cholesterol, fight cardiovascular disease, and prevent cancer and maybe even Alzheimer’s disease. In other countries, green tea has been used as a treatment for a variety of conditions ranging from arthritis to weight loss, as well as a preventative measure for major diseases. You can get all these benefits in green tea supplements. They are as equally effective as the real one because they’re made of natural ingredients.

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