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Relief from the Symptoms of Tinnitus | Relieve the Ringing in your Ears

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Various people in the world experience strange noises like ringing, swishing and other trouble some noise in the ear or head. The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) describes that around 12 percent of men in the age group of 65 to 74 years of age have been identified with tinnitus in the U.S. Though tinnitus cannot be considered as a serious problem, yet it is a sort of nuisance. Twelve million Americans have been identified with tinnitus and one million persons are affected so severely with it that it affects their daily activities.

Relief from the Symptoms of Tinnitus
Tinnitus Relief Supplements

Tinnitus is an outcome of four sections of the hearing system i.e. the outer ear, the inner ear, the middle ear and the brain. Some tinnitus like “head noise” is a normal phenomenon. Some other common tinnitus includes sound of crickets or roaring, hissing, whistling, buzzing and high-pitched ringing. Other type of tinnitus includes clicking or pulsatile tinnitus that is the noise, which is accompanied by heartbeat. The most common type of tinnitus is subjective tinnitus, in which the ringing and buzzing can’t be heard by others. But through objective tinnitus a doctor can sometimes listen to the sound, if listen with attentiveness.

Relieve the Ringing in your Ears
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Tinnitus can’t be described, as a disease but is a reflection of something that is going on in the hearing system or brain. There are a variety of reasons for tinnitus. Like due to age, or if a person undergoes trauma in life owing to loud noise exposure, drugs or chemicals, the portion of the ear like cochlea becomes damaged and a person thus suffers from tinnitus. Tinnitus could also be the outcome of excess wax or some sort of infection in the ear. A majority of people don’t pay heed to how much damage is being done to their hearing when they are exposed to excessive loud noise, from firearms, high intensity music or through other sources. Over use of aspirin and other antibiotic drugs also relate to the cause of tinnitus. During its severity tinnitus can interfere with concentration, sleep and daily activities. Its treatment relies on the root cause. But this condition has no cure. Changing the drug or through removal of earwax its symptoms may diminish. According to Charles Beatty, M.D., a Mayo Clinic specialist says, “The frustrating thing about tinnitus is it has no universal successful treatments. The problem of tinnitus is also not so grave it can be controlled through various ways and means. Some of its treatment strategies, which could be beneficial could include:

1. Refraining from excessive noise. Use of earplugs could also be helpful.
2. Avoid the use of caffeine, decongestants and nicotine.
3. Increase the intensity of the hearing through hearing aid.
4. Turning on music or any other background noise, which can distract the brain from the internal noise.
5. Behavioral therapy and other relaxation techniques can also help people to cope with tinnitus easily.

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5 thoughts on “Relief from the Symptoms of Tinnitus | Relieve the Ringing in your Ears
  1. Samantha

    Since my kid turned 3 years old, I have been working as an online English tutor for almost 5 years now and I have to use headphones so that I can hear my students better. Every now and then I experience hearing some buzzing and high-pitched ringing sounds. I did some research and found out that it is called tinnitus. Apparently, it is a common problem. I just use some ear drops whenever it happens and it does make the ringing go away. I visit my doctor every 6 months and she also knows that I sometimes experience hearing some buzzing sounds and has recommended that I should refrain from drinking too much coffee. I’m glad to know that there are other treatment strategies aside from using ear drops.

  2. Leonisa

    My boyfriend has been a professional Disc Jockey for almost eight years now. Recently, he has been experiencing some weird ringing sensations in his left ear that accompanies mild vertigo. Initially, the sensation didn’t bother the both of us at all, but when the vertigo occurred, it caught my attention and became easily worried. We decided to have a check-up with the doctor to clear our worries; the doctor concluded after some tests that he has tinnitus. For some reason, the doctor asked what’s my boyfriend’s nature of work was, he said he’s a DJ and the doctor wasn’t surprised at all that he has this condition. Tinnitus usually occurs when a person is always exposed to loud noises. He advised him not to go back to work until the condition becomes better.

  3. Dina

    My teenage son had this terrible toothache so we bought him some antibiotics and pain killer. Days later he told me that he could hear this ringing sound which none of us could even hear. We brought him to his doctor and we found out that he had the symptoms of Tinnitus. The doctor mentioned that his toothache was a possible cause of Tinnitus. We tried a few eardrops and other medications prescribed by the doctor but none of them helped my son. After reading this article, we bought the Bio-Ear and immediately tried it on his eats and it was the only thing that worked! Thank you for posting this!

  4. Jordan

    The ringing in my ears has been troubling me for quite some time. I tried many different kinds of medicine and treatments but nothing seemed to work. Just last month, I tried this product and I couldn’t believe how effective it was. It silences ear noises and provides you with better hearing. It works like magic! The other good thing about Herbspro is that they are economical and easy to use. Disturbing noises in my ears will no longer be a problem. I recommend this to everyone with the same problem as mine. With what I’ve experienced, it’s safe to say that you can fight symptoms of tinnitus with Herbspro ear support products.

  5. Barry

    Tinnitus is not quite a good thing to have. It is just so annoying and it can really affect your everyday tasks. When I first experienced its symptoms, I worried so much and thought I would definitely be ill and it would be hard to find a cure. I’m not into modern medicine and stuff so I did some research about herbal medicine and came across Herbspro. I didn’t believe in the product until I tried it. It is very effective and it’s easy to apply. I’m very pleased that the symptoms of tinnitus that I was worrying about are all gone. Now, I always keep Herbspro ear-care products in my medicine cabinet.

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