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Natural Ear Health and Infection Protection

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There are many ways to take care of the human ears, but there are only about a dozen known natural treatments for ear health. Most of these ways are focused on ear infections and their treatments. First thing a person should know is that the human ears are naturally self cleaning. It is not a good idea to put Q-tips deep into the ear, because it is very risky. Many people have hurt themselves cleaning their ears this way. Instead, the best way to remove earwax, is to just clean most of the wax accumulated on the outer part of your ear.

Natural Ear Care Products
Natural Ear Care Products

During the times when an ear infection occurs there are a few ways that one can treat the problem. These are also great ways for parents to avoid the constantly used prescription of antibiotics for their children. It is a good idea to apply heat to an ear infection. A good example would be a warm, but not hot water bottle applied to the ear for ten to fifteen minutes at the most. A few more direct ways to battle ear infections are: A couple drops of Hydrogen Peroxide in each ear for ten minutes and afterward drained, a couple of drops of olive oil in ear, or three drops of onion juice placed in each ear.

Ear Care Products Online
Ear Care Products Online

Some advice directed toward mainly parents would be to: make sure that the doctor waits 72 hour before treating their child with antibiotics, keep your child away from large day-care environments where your child is more likely to develop an ear infection, and if one or both of the parents smoke it is advised that the parent(s) quit smoking to help decrease the chance of the child developing an ear infection. A method not so widely known to help prevent a child from having constant ear infections is breast feeding. Breast feeding helps pass down the mother’s ability to fight off the infection to the child.

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6 thoughts on “Natural Ear Health and Infection Protection
  1. John Muir

    Interesting article. I personally had a good experience with Clear tinnitus and definitely would recommend that to anyone with ringing in the ears.

  2. Krizzia

    I remember having a TERRIBLE earache 2 months ago that made me miss my work. I was glad that my mom kept a box of Auro Earache Relief Drops in our bathroom cabinet and it really did a good job in alleviating the pain even if it took a while. I had to use it twice, a couple of hours apart, before the pain subsided. Because of this experience, I became quite meticulous when cleaning my ears but I do not put the Q-tips that deep into my ear. It is nice to know that there are other ways to fight ear infection – just in case I might have one in the future. I would definitely use these alternative ways to treat it.

  3. Bonnie

    My child started to have an earache from her cold. She could not sleep well and felt very irritable. Her earache then developed into an ear infection which was onset and extremely painful. So we brought her to a doctor and he explained that there was an increased pressure of pain due to the ear infection. Then the doctor recommended to use Auro Earache Relief Drops. Voila! It really worked! We placed about 3 drops and it slowly relieved my daughter from the pain. The pain definitely subsided! Im so glad there are products like these now. My husband and I love this product. After using it, our daughter was able to sleep soundly.

  4. Jeremy

    Having ear infections could really be a burden as I have known what it feels like to suffer from this condition. Although my infection was milder compared to the other ones, still, I needed to take some medications to lessen the spread of infection which could lead to serious problems. At first I was quite hesitant to visit my doctor but what bothered me the most was the tingling sensation I’m having on my left ear which was definitely unusual. The doctor prescribed me to take Natural Care’s Ring Stop, I needed to take it at least twice a day. Fortunately, after the prescribed period of time, the uncomfortable sensation lessened making my ear feel better. Works a whole lot of wonders!

  5. Matt

    The human ear is one of the more remarkable parts of the human body, not only because of the beauty and unlikelihood of its structure, but also because of its remarkable sensitivity to sounds. Reckless cleansing of ears could cause deafness due to infection. However, this isn’t a big problem nowadays because we already have different ways to take care of our ears. I have tried the ear care products of Natural Ear Health and Infection Protection and it really works. I had a tinnitus symptoms before but it was relieved when I used their products that could cure the ringing of my ears, the Clear Tinnitus. If we love our ears, Natural Ear Health and Infection Protection products could help!

  6. Ben

    I’ve been suffering from ear problems for a long time and I thought that the only way to get better is to see a specialist, then I heard about Herbspro Natural Ear Health and Infection Protection. These products helped reduce the irritating sound in my ears, and protect them from unwanted noises. I highly recommend them not only to those with ear infection but also to anyone who wishes to have healthy and well protected ears. My ears are now free from any irritating sounds and my hearing has improved a lot. It was such a relief to find Herbspro and I thank my friend who introduced these products to me. Goodbye noises, ringing, and buzzing! Hello healthy ears!

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