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Happy Holidays for Fido and Fifi

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The holidays are upon us. In many homes, that means lots of hustle and bustle with friends and family stopping by. A little advance preparation can help you to prepare your dog to have a happy, healthy holiday.

Changed routines and the coming and going of guests increase stress levels not only for you but also for your pet. The holidays may be the perfect time to begin adding a supplement to your dog’s food to help Fido to enjoy these hectic days. Special supplements, formulated just for dogs, focus on lowering anxiety levels and keeping them calm, cool, and collected throughout the holiday season – and throughout the year to come.


Give your dog a shampoo to help him to look his best when out and about or when visitors come to call to spread holiday cheer. Keep in mind though that most dogs only need to be washed every few months as too-frequent washings can strip away the natural oils of their coats and inflame dry skin. Do not use shampoo or conditioners made for humans – their ph level is not appropriate for a dog and may make him itchy. You’ll want a gentle, natural solution that will remove accumulated dirt and leave your pet’s coat shiny and smooth.


Finally, keep plenty of treats on hand to reward Fifi’s good behavior (or lure her away from playing with the presents). Natural dog snacks can help to maintain sweet smelling breath, and reinforce habits you want to encourage. Do you have children coming to visit? If your dog is friendly and not prone to nipping, teach the kids how to give Fifi a treat safely by holding it on an outstretched flat palm.


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