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General public perceptions place protein powders and shakes solely in the world of weightlifters and body building, but the truth is that most people could benefit from the qualities of protein shakes. Anyone desiring to build strength, get in shape or increase muscle should look at protein powders to assist them in achieving their goals, even those who are trying to lose weight might want to explore their protein shake options. The best protein powder for men or women looking to optimise their bodies, even protein shakes for kids who are very active, the best quality protein powder will help achieve your goals.

Protein powders are usually consumed in a shake form and used after intense exercise to help repair muscle damage and assist in recovery.  Your body requires protein as an essential component in rebuilding muscle, if you aren’t consuming enough protein, the muscle can’t recover effectively, leading to weakness and loss of strength.

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The best protein powder for shakes will also contain a quantity of carbohydrates that are imperative in assisting the body in converting protein. Carbs provide energy and intense exercise can lead to the body to try to use carbs that are stored in muscle mass. If there isn’t sufficient replenishment of these carbs the body will begin to break down muscle in search of them, the human body takes its energy supply seriously, so much so that it will begin to take itself apart to fuel itself.

Some people are able to source a good supply of protein and carbs from their diet alone, but those who work out frequently or who are highly active will find better results in adding top protein powder or shakes to their diet. Unlike solid food based proteins, shakes are quickly absorbed and fast to act, essential when being used to repair muscle and maintain energy.

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For weight control, a protein powder shake can be used in several ways. Those looking to gain weight should combine a high carbohydrate powder with other high energy foods like bananas, fruit and honey to create and delicious mass building smoothie. When trying to lose weight, drink a simple plain shake after working out. Many who are trying to lose weight mistakenly avoid protein powders thinking that they will cause them to add fat.

The truth is that muscle passively burns fat, so by building muscle mass it will assist in burning fat stores much faster than by cutting out fat alone. The best protein powder for weight loss will increase muscle not fat.The best protein powders must be used in conjunction with a good exercise routine. Like any food source protein taken in too great quantities will only end in increased weight. Most people with a normal level of fitness will benefit from one shake a day after a workout, those in an intense exercise regime or those trying to gain weight may benefit from 2 – 3 shakes per day.

Below are a few of our top Protein Powders and Shakes:

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