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Adrenal glands are an important part of everyone’s health, but few have enough idea of what these glands actually do. Adrenal glands help to regulate the body’s metabolism and also play a role in stabilizing blood pressure. These glands that sit on the kidneys also, are the key players in stress management. They pump adrenaline that gets people excited or energized in stressful situations. They also produce cortisol, which also helps the body respond to stress. However, when the adrenal glands are not working properly, either producing too much or tool little of the life sustaining hormones, the entire body can feel the effects.

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Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome
One of the problems of poorly functioning adrenal glands is adrenal fatigue syndrome. Symptoms include chronic fatigue, loss of focus and cognitive function, general feeling of unwellness. Adrenal support supplements can help get the adrenal glands back to working in proper condition and end the malaise associated with adrenal fatigue syndrome.

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Natural Adrenal Support Supplements
There are many herbs and natural nutrients that help regulate the adrenal glands. Once the right course of adrenal support herbs or adrenal support supplements is found, people often feel like they have a new lease on life. Three of the most common and effective natural adrenal support supplements are magnesium, vitamin c, and ashwaghanda. Magnesium and vitamin c occur in the body naturally, but the unhealthy and inactive lifestyle that is more and more common around the world has led to most people actually being deficient in these two nutrients. Ashwaghanda is primarily used to regulate adrenal glands and help them only produce as many stress hormones as the body needs and produce them at the appropriate times. Ashwaghanda also helps users sleep longer and more soundly, which in turn improves adrenal gland health.

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Adrenal support supplements come as either stand-alone nutrient, such as a magnesium supplement, or as blends of several different natural adrenal supports fused together for a more powerful effect. Some people find the best results when taking a blended adrenal support supplement and increasing dietary intake of vitamin c and magnesium.

The adrenal glands are still poorly understood and understudied by many medical professionals. Caution should be exercised when taking adrenal support supplements. One should first understand if their glands are over producing or under producing the stress hormones. Different treatments may be necessary for each condition, although a general adrenal regulator such as ashwghanda should be helpful to people suffering from either problem.

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