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Feeling sluggish? Can’t concentrate or has your weight loss slowed to a standstill? You may want to consider taking thyroid support herbs and vitamins to boost the health of your thyroid.

A healthy thyroid should be a number one priority for anyone concerned with their health. An underperforming thyroid will make any other health condition more pronounced leading to fatigue and low energy. Many people go through life exhausted, not realising that simple dietary changes and use of thyroid support vitamins could be the ticket to a healthier thyroid and better health. If you are experiencing chronic issues you should visit your doctor for a thyroid check, but you may significantly benefit from the best thyroid support of natural vitamins and herbs.

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When it comes to thyroid health there are many different herbs and supplements to treat different needs, but if you are looking for good general thyroid support vitamins there are five key ingredients that you need to ensure are in the mix.

The best thyroid support herbal supplements will contain iodine. Iodine is essential for forming thyroid hormones but as it is only naturally found in harder to access foods like sea vegetables and organic fruits, most people are deficient in iodine levels. Those diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis should consult their doctor before taking iodine.

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Thyroid support products should also include vitamin D in their recipe. Vitamin D is key to boosting immunity and is perfect for those suffering thyroid disorders, but due to our indoor lifestyles and UV protection people simply are not getting enough natural vitamin D from the sun anymore.

Producing a healthy amount of T3 hormones is a sign of a healthy thyroid, great thyroid support supplements will contain the enzyme selenium, which will convert useless T4 into healthy T3 hormones, improving thyroid function. Brazil nuts or garlic can contain selenium, but the best thyroid support supplements will provide the ideal level.

Be sure to include B vitamins in your thyroid support supplement, they will ensure maximum use of iodine in the cells but are also beneficial to those not using iodine.

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Magnesium, like B vitamins are essential to support iodines effect on your thyroid function and most people don’t eat enough leafy greens or grains to get adequate levels in their everyday life.

The best supplements for thyroid conditions will contain some, if not all of these ingredients. Other supplements for thyroid that may be helpful include L-Tyrosine amino acids, zinc, copper, and Vitamins A C & E.There’s no need to suffer low energy and fatigue anymore, with some simple changes to your diet and supplemental support, you could be experiencing a better, healthier life soon.

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Below are a few of our top Thyroid Support Supplements:

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