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Here’s How L-Glutamine Can Help You Ramp up Your Workout Performance

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L- Glutamine is essential for muscle growth by HerbsPro

It’s no wonder that you haven’t heard much about the L-Glutamine. It is one of the most common amino acid found in our body. L-Glutamine is not even an essential amino acid that has to be consumed from external sources. Almost 61% of the skeletal muscle is made of L-Glutamine which means our body has its own L-Glutamine stores.

That said, L-Glutamine is also one of the most essential supplements to have, if you are aiming for a great increase in muscle mass and a ripped physique. So, if it is that easily available, why is L-Glutamine considered an essential supplement for bodybuilding? Here’s why:


L- Glutamine is essential for muscle growth:

Yes, your body does have the L-Glutamine stores, which is only sufficient under normal conditions. Working out causes microscopic tears in muscles which repair themselves, a quite normal scenario in muscle development. So, now these growing muscles need larger Glutamine intake from outside supplements to build new fibres and grow in size and strength. In case they are not provided with the nutrients body may break down your muscle to use the L-Glutamine (remember, the skeletal muscle stores?)

Reduces the recovery period gets you ready for an intense session:

After an intense workout session, the body gets depleted of glycogen, a primary energy source for workouts. Replenishing these glycogen stores as soon as possible is important for optimal recovery, making post-workout meals more important. Quicker these glycogen stores are replenished faster the body recovers without any post-workout fatigue. Adding the L-Glutamine supplement to your post workout meal is proven to accelerate this recovery period making you ready for your next workout session as soon as possible.

Decreases the risk of overtraining:

Bodybuilders and strength athletes who put their body under a lot of stress are highly benefited from L-Glutamine supplementation. Pushing their body to extreme limits increases the risk of over-training which can result in fatigue and injury ultimately. Supplementing with Glutamine reduces the risk of over-training helping them perform to their best levels.

Enhances your immune system:

Another important function of Glutamine is to support the optimal functioning of the immune system. When you catch the flu during your workout sessions, your body uses the Glutamine to signal the necessary system that attacks the flu. Hence your recovery from the workout can become slower. Similarly, when you work out your body might use up all your Glutamine for the recovery and thus your immune system might take the hit. That is exactly why the post of the bodybuilders catch normal flu quite easily and doctors prescribe Glutamine to keep your immune system elevated when you catch an illness. Consuming Glutamine supplementation from the outside will help you in recovering from the workout without letting your immune system take the hit.

If you are one who works out occasionally, a proper diet will ensure you get your required dose of Glutamine but if you are one of those strength athletes or bodybuilders who strive for performance and perfection, then a quality L-Glutamine supplementation is a must have in your staple of workout supplements.

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