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Protein Powders Can Boost Your Weight Loss, Here’s How.

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Protein Powders Can Boost Your Weight Loss, Here’s How

A healthy diet and weight loss is getting rid of excess body fat to make sure that you are in a healthy BMI range. Weight loss is all about maintaining a calorie deficit i.e. consuming fewer calories than what your body burns per each day.

Calories and Weight Loss:

Calories are little chunks of energy that our body produces when we consume food. These energy chunks are utilized by our body to run our system and perform all activities. The food we consume provides us with calories and external activities like exercise burns those calories for us.

When we consume way too many calories, our body stores these excess calories as glycogen or fat in liver, muscles and other body sites so as to make use of them when you need them. Over time if you never get to use them and yet continue to eat in excess, these body fat stores expand and thus we gain unhealthy weight and look fat which can be detrimental to our health.

How Do Protein Powders help in Weight Loss?

As a general rule, weight loss happens when we consume fewer calories than our body burns off on daily basis and you gain weight when the vice versa happens. The best way to accomplish weight loss is to resort to calorie deficit diet i.e. increase the calories we burn and decrease the calorie intake.

A calorie deficit diet is not as easy as it sounds, but protein powders, shakes and supplements can help you stick to your calorie deficit diet for weight loss, here’s why:

  1. Protein supplements decrease your hunger:

Hunger pangs are common consequences of a calorie deficit diet which more often leads to weight loss fail. Adding a protein shake to your daily diet keeps your stomach full and decreases your hunger helping you stick to your diet plan.

  1. Protein burns more calories:

Our body has to spend 20 to 30% of the protein calories to process and utilize the protein. So in addition to making us feel all filled up, protein consumption also burns calories which help in our calorie deficit plan for weight loss.

  1. Protein boosts your metabolism and helps in weight loss:

A protein shake is more beneficial to your weight loss when supplemented with exercise, particularly strength training. Strength training with protein supplements builds muscle and boosts metabolism and your muscles burn the calories for you even when you are idle.

Protein supplements help in increasing your metabolism, helps you burn more calories per day and all this while decreasing your food consumption.

Sounds awesome, isn’t it?

And that is why adequate protein consumption forms the pillars of the weight loss and adding protein supplements to your diet is the easiest way to leverage the benefits of these macronutrients. Whey, Casein, Pea, Egg, and Soy are the types of protein that are found to be a superb choice for people looking to lose weight.

While all type of protein supplements can help you lose weight, you can extract best results if you can follow a well-balanced calorie deficit diet along with an active exercise routine.

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