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Food Supplements The Pursuit of Health as Preventive Medicine

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Regular medicine can no longer treat us like "Auto Parts"

Since we eat too much Acid food and build up Free Radicals and our immune system becomes weak in a decayed internal environment. Click here for more products for Food Supplements

Never before in the history of mankind has so much knowledge been discovered in all our media coverage. Regular medicine can no longer treat us like “Auto Parts”. Our own responsibility knows that health and longevity are in our hands. For the control of our body chemistry with our “Acid & Alkaline” balance, Now Foods has Phyto Foods in tabs or powder. When mom said to eat all your vegetables, we have all of that, called the SuperFoods, Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Chlorella, all in concentrated form, which includes all the veggies we are familiar with and a lot more. Dr. Christopher’s has the Vital Green and Food Science Of Vermont also has a good combination of all the Greens. All of my cancer clients are on green food in powder or tabs because cancer cannot live in Oxygenated Cells. So imagine what your body does for protection against this epidemic of our century. It’s so important for PH. Balance, which means a P.H. of 7 is neutral, Alkaline is usually 6.5. What does all of this mean? With acid blood, the heart relaxes, when the blood is Alkaline, the heart contracts. Since we eat too much Acid food and build up Free Radicals, our immune system becomes weak in a decayed internal environment. Alive Multi, with or without iron by Natures Way, has all the Greens and Carotenoids for our protection. Alive also comes in an Effervescent Drink, in a Lemon Lime or Cinnamon Apple. Just like you know what, that fizzes up.

The Eye Disease Case-Control Study from JAMA (Journal of American Med. Assoc.) of 11/04 says tons of Fruits & Vegetables (we just don’t get enough) could help prevent Eye Diseases because Lutein and Zeaxanthin come from our Green Foods. Naturade has Vegetable Protein Shake Soy free. Did you know how good all those Greens are? And by the way, what do the cows eat? Green Foods are exceptional for Bone Building and Anemia (which shows up in the more mature, as being tired all the time). We need to transport that oxygen to all the cells. Rainbow Light has a Whole Food Supplement with all the Foods to build up those RBCs (Red Blood Cells) needed for your master program of cell production. You can check your P.H. balance with Advanced Nutritional Innovations Salvia Strips 180 STRIPS for testing. Your Amino Acids in Whey Protein by Now Foods is a complete range of AMINOS. A Good Source of the Omega, which is also a Whole Food is Nows Omega 3-6-9 in Liquid or Caps which is the balance of all the Important Oils, Borage, Flax, Fish. And another one is a Cox 2 Inhibitor by Now Foods, called D-Flame. All are Anti-Inflammatory Herbs. I am very impressed by this one. D-Flame helps with Lots of Health Issues and Immune Disorders and certain Swellings. And for the Young ones, Yummi Bears has Whole Food Fruit & Veggie Blend called Juice For Life. One word of caution, if one is on a blood thinner made be careful of the Oils. This is always a work in progress and a battle every day for a Healthier You.

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Written exclusively for by Suma G Nathan, Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Chinese Herbalist. Suma can be reached at Her website is


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