Homeopathy, Specialties, Sundries – Homeopathy is extracted from plants and other natural ingredients, given in minute doses.

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Homeopathy, Specialties, Sundries

Homeopathy is extracted from plants and other natural ingredients, given in minute doses. It works on something known as the "Law of Similars" and "Let likes cured by Likes". Check the handy reference guide at the bottom of this article.

Homeopathy was discovered by the German Physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the early 1800s, and disillusioned by what they called the medical field at the time. None of their potions offered the body a chance to heal itself with its own healing powers. Dr. Hahnemann knew that there existed medicine that could work with the body and assist it to overcome illness. In fact, there was great interest in Homeopathy when a crisis of typhoid fever took over in Germany and Dr. Hahnemann’s medicine had the highest cure rate. All the physicians of the time became very interested. The word spread throughout Germany, France, England, Europe, Asia, India, and the United States. Upon learning this, the pharmaceutical companies began producing (OTC) over the counter drugs. This illusion of just pop the miracle pill and become well was what this was all about, brainwashing! Now in the 2000″s we realize there are no miracles, diseases are more rampant than ever before, and the need for natural medicine that works with your body and not against it, since one cannot cure with chemicals. Drugs do nothing to stimulate the healing process. Yes, they do suppress the symptoms, and sometimes we do need them, especially if we have a lot of pain. Homeopathy is extracted from plants and other natural ingredients, given in minute doses, to respond to fighting for its life. Excellent for all ages, including children, and more mature ones that do not like to swallow pills, easy to take, usually just melts in your mouth. You cannot over stimulate a gland or an organ with Homeopathy, it just brings it back to normal functioning, with no known side effects.

It is given in very low potencies, in multiple doses of 6X or 30X, this means that much dilution of the remedies. It works on something known as the “Law of Similars” and “Let likes cured by Likes”. Public recognition has increased dramatically; Evan the FDA (not that we care) has recognized the remedies as over the counter forms of Natural Medicine. All Homeopathies are compatible with medications. However, do not take them at the same time.

The Reference Guide here is to guide you to the Remedies, and how they can help the ones that are not included have the self-explanatory titles.

Arnica Gel, Cream, Tablets

Relief of bruises and pain, muscular injury, sore muscles, cosmetic surgery

Aconitum Napellus

Fever, fright, fearful, anticipation, croup, earache, headaches, anxiety at start of urination

Allium Cepa

Colds, burning nasal discharge, inhaling cold air and coughing

Antimonium Tartaricum

Acne pustules, chickenpox, rattling and wheezing cough, cold and pale, desire to sleep

Apis Mellifica

Swelling and itching, redness, bee stings, insect bites, puffy swellings

Arsenicum Album

Anxiety, fear of death, irritable, weak, suffocation, watery nasal discharge, colds going into chest, diarrhea, too many ice-cold drinks, vomiting, burning pain in the stomach


The onset of violent symptoms, throbbing pain, children’s complaints, chills and sweats, earaches and Sore throats

Bryonia Alba

Leave me alone mood, rheumatic pains, aggravated by touch, sharp pain behind the eyes, stomach sensitive to touch, urge lacking for bowel movements, constipation

Calcarea Fluorica

Cell Salt, calcium fluoride of lime, found in surface layers of bones and teeth, also in the Elastic fibers of skin, connective tissues and vascular walls, deficiencies include relaxed Tissues, blood vessels and a tendency for bone bruises

Calcarea Phosphorica

Teething, growing pains, headaches of school children


Intolerance of pain, colic, teething distress for babies, ears clogged up, impatient and angry

Cocyntal by Boiron

Baby colic, cramping, bloating, abdominal pain

Coffea Cruda

Cannot tolerate pain, nervousness, and restlessness, can’t sleep, muscle and joint pain


Rheumatic pain, sinus, hoarseness, cough from cold, wet weather, watery discharge from Eyes, aversion to food

Ferrum Phosphoricum

Nervous, sensitive anemic patients, first stage inflammatory and respiratory, hoarseness coughs, head colds and sinus

Gasalia by Boiron

Stomach bloated with gas, bloated abdomen, difficulty passing gas


Nervous condition, apprehension, inability to think, headache and feverish heat and exhaustion, the heaviness of eyelids, difficult to swallowing warm food, dizziness

Hamamelis Virginiana

Varicose veins, hemorrhoids with burning pain

Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum

Oversensitivity, very touchy physically and emotionally, the skin has infections, boils, dental abscesses, bleeding gums, rattling, wheezing cough, thick yellow mucus, profuse sweating

Hypericum Perforatum

Injury to fingers, toes, and nails, puncture wounds, burning pain, numbness from neuritis

Ignatia Amara

Mentally and physically exhausted, bad effects of grief, hysteria, hiccoughs, hysterical Vomiting, insomnia

Kali Bichromicum

Chronic sinus with violent sneezing and loss of smell, also nose discharge yellow

Kali Phosphoricum

Cell salt, potassium phosphate, a constituent of all fluids and tissues, the brain, Nerves, Muscles, and blood cells, deficiency shows up with mental fatigue, nervous exhaustion

Ledum Palustre

Bites and stings, injured parts, feel cold, black eye caused by a blow, rheumatism pain in feet traveling upward, pains in small joints, soles and heels, ankles are swollen, gouty pain in the big toe

Lycopodium Clavatum

Digestion, noise in the abdomen, excessive gas, good appetite but a few mouthfuls full of food, feel stuffed, constipation, red sediments in urine

Magnesia Phosphorica

Cell salt, abdominal pain, spasmodic cramping, sharp, cutting, shooting, constriction sensation, gas and belching, leg cramps, menstrual cramps, writer’s cramp

Mercurius Vivus

Sweating without relief, weakness, trembling, unpleasant odor, throat bluish with red swellings, mercury toxicity from fillings

Natrum Muriaticum

Head cold, constant nasal discharge, sneezing, loss of smell and taste

Natrum Sulphur

Cell salt, sodium sulfate, the most abundant salt in the body, essential to proper growth and nutrition, good for bones and building new blood cells

Optique by Boiron

Red burning irritated eyes, airborne irritants, eye strain, lights bring on eye pain, tired eyes


Anxiety, anxious, fearful, catching cold easily, dry cough, throat painful, profuse bleeding. Dental hemorrhage, pale and sickly complexion, laryngitis, nausea, diarrhea, constipation

Podophyllum Peltatum

Liver complaints, or upset stomach, morning diarrhea, or diarrhea from teething children grinding teeth


A remedy for women of mild gentle disposition, also for both sexes, feel better in open air, not thirsty, constantly chilly, advances stages of head cold, nose stuffy indoors and night, styes on upper lid of eyes, delayed onset of menses, with flow scanty and painful or thick and dark with clots. very emotional, fainting and nausea, vomiting, insomnia wide awake, pains shifting from one area to another

Rhus Toxicodendron

Rheumatic pain, stiffness, aggravated by cold, damp weather, better moving about, restless and continually changes position, backache, sore muscles, sciatica, tearing pain down thighs, flu, chickenpox, and hives.

Roxalia by Boiron

Sore throat, hoarseness, dry throat with pain spreading to ears

Ruta Graveolens

Eyestrain, red hot and burning, dim vision, pressure deep in eyeball or over eyebrows, headache following eyestrain, a heavyweight on the forehead, dental problems, dry sockets sprains and sciatica

Sabadil by Boiron

Relieves upper respiratory conditions, runny nose, allergic conditions, irritated eyes

Sedalia by Boiron

Restlessness, sleeplessness, uneasiness, nervousness


Sluggish, weak, lack of body tone, sallow skin, liver problems, sensitive to cold, backache with uterine problems, pain worse upon sitting


Lack of nutrition from poor assimilation of food, weak and run down, restless and irritable, nervous exhaustion after excitement, chronic eruptions of skin


Therapeutic use for acute conditions, where other remedies have failed to bring relief, dry ashen skin eruptions, burning sensations in different parts of the body, chronic bronchitis, tendency to hemorrhoids and constipation

Spongia Tosta

Croup, high fever, barking cough coming on suddenly, child has difficulty breathing, Hoarseness and sore throat


Nausea, sinking feeling in pit of stomach, pallor, dizziness, cold sweat from riding in cars or trains, seasickness


Written exclusively for Herbspro.com by Suma G Nathan, Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Chinese Herbalist. Suma can be reached at agingless4u@cox.net. Her website is http://members.cox.net/agingless4u

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