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When Inflammation takes place in our digestive tract, we have diarrhea.

Try these more natural ingredients that provide alternatives to the Cox Pathways, instead of the High-Risk NSAID'S, that provide only band-aid solutions. Even so, you can do both if necessary, always remember to protect your Liver.

Bring it on and fortify the defense tactics for your Inflammation. It seems that C-Reactive Protein is Inflammation, and now that the latest research states that this is just as important as cholesterol markers, which goes together with all Inflammation in your body. Information was presented by Jocelyn Mathern RD. and Marion Verbruggen Ph.D. Both agree that consumption of Flax Lignans is beneficial with a natural source of important nutrients, such as Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Now Foods, Jarrow Formulas and Health From The Sun have some excellent Omega-3 Fatty acids. When we are not treating our Immune Systems like one of the most important parts we have and recognize the role it plays in our theater of irritating destruction, and when this happens in and around our muscles and joints, we experience pain, swelling, and down the road joint damage. Vitacarte has Bovine Trachael Cartilage, helping the swelling and rebuilding. Arthritis is the number one cause of long-term disability in North America. Country Life has Shark Cartilage in 100 caps at 800 mgs to cope with the cartilage damage. Over 55 million people are affected and 200,000 are children. Shark Liver Oil in 120 caps by Scandinavian Formulas has the Anti-inflammatory Liver Oil helping control Autoimmune Responses.

Unfortunately, most Physicians have no-where to go with this, except the NSAID’S Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. When Inflammation takes place in our digestive tract, we have diarrhea, since Chronic Disease is attributed to changes in our dietary lifestyles throughout the world. Wobenzym By Naturally Vitamins, a European Formula of Systemic Enzymes helps alter the decline of your Immune System that causes degenerative BreakDown and Chronic Pain that comes in waves like a hot stove. Rutozym, not only helps Heart Health but benefits healthy levels of Fibrinogen and the C-Reative Protein, which is the Inflammatory Response. I had one of my clients on this among other nutrients as she had Rheumatoid Arthritis starting at a very young age. No More, and of medications too. Rheumatoid is an Autoimmune Disease, that’s when the body turns against it self. In our arteries, the walls thicken causing hardening of the Arteries. Inholtra Natural Pain Relief has Lubri-Joint, which has all the Glucosamine- Chondroitin, Nag, EFA’s, etc, a potent revitalize for those searing Inflammatory issues. All of these should be taken in between meals for better results, and not just one.

Most of us are aware of Chondroitin and Glucosamine, but we need to incorporate other nutrients as well in order to give Pain the Heave-HO! Since the first drugs recommended is aspirin, and when the pain becomes too severe, other NSAID’s are called for. We won’t mention them here, but the Big Pharma have made tons of money with high dosages and Life Threatening Disorders of the Poisoning from within. Now Foods has the D-Flame Tm with Cox 2 Inhibitors, full blend with Chinese Medicinals – Scutellaria (Chinese Skullcap) Bromelain, Ginger, Tumeric. These common ailments have natural solutions. Stephen Holt MD, Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology says ‘NSAID”s work by inhibiting the Lipoxygenase Conversion that block production of Inflammatory substances, that’s why they’re called “Cox Inhibitors”. With a broad array of Cox 2, Inflama Rest by Source Naturals with Leukotriene Regulation, adds to the protection of the cells from Free Radical Damage, and Adaptogenic Herbs of the American Herbal Family. Hops, Ginger, Milk Thistle, Ayurvedic Ashwagandha and Tumeric, reducing Muscle Tension and the stress of Pain.

Here’s a Big Kicker of the South American Rain Forest Herbs by Raintree Nutrition, called Guacatonga, even for Ulcers, Reflux, and Inflammatory Skin Problems. Another one is called Iporuru is for Pain, Arthritis, and Rheumatism. Getting back to the Americans, Jarrow has the Cox 2 TAME, with MAX-DHA and Enzyme Inhibitors like Devils Claw, White Willow (Natural Aspirin) Green Tea and Resveratrol. MSM a popular Anti-Inflammatory by Tropical Oasis is a naturally occurring Sulfur Compound found in plants, contributing to the integrity of your Joints. It is available as a Liquid Lotion to apply or in Ounces as a Nutritious Drink. Planetary Formulas has Flex-Ability 850 mgs, Liquid or Tabs, widely used in Asia as (ShuJin San.) Super Lions Mane (Love that Name) by Maitake Mushroom Wisdom contains Maitake D Fraction, Reishi an excellent Anti-Inflammatory, also with Bioperine, which helps shoot it down to the cells, now a word about Connective tissues and Tendons (Ouch).

Herb Pharm has Connective Tissue Tonic with Gotu Kola (Centella) Ayurvedic, Dandelion and Milk Thistle (even Gall Bladder help). Country Life with Liga-Tend, considering ligaments and Tendons with Proline, Glycine and Shark Cartilage, and not to be left out with this condition of Swellings is Clear Products formula of Clear Shingles, Herpes, UT’S, a combo of TCM  Herbs and Homeopathics featured on my website under Special Products. Here’s a very interesting one Mineral Whey Goat Powder, an Alkaline Electrolyte balancing act, for your Bones, Teeth and Muscle nourishment. So try these more natural ingredients that provide alternatives to the Cox Pathways, instead of the High-Risk NSAID’S, that provide only band-aid solutions. Even so, you can do both if necessary, always remember to protect your Liver. “Age Strong, Live Long,” says Dr. Seth J Baum MD, who feels the Best Course, is Open-Mindedness for greater knowledge in your Commitment To Wellness.


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Written exclusively for by Suma G Nathan, Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Chinese Herbologist. Suma can be reached at Her website is

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