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Varicose Veins in an Unfortunate Place – Hemorrhoids Support

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Hemorrhoids Support

Hemorrhoids are either inside the anus (internal) or under the skin around the anus (external), this is no fun! An internal Hemorrhoid may protrude through the anus outside the body to become irritated and painful.

What are Hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are normally present in blood vessels in and around the anus and lower rectum that stretch and become swollen under pressure. This is a very common occurrence in both men and women. About half the population over 50 years of age has Hemorrhoids. They are also very common among pregnant women as the pressure of the fetus in the abdomen with hormonal changes cause the Hemorrhoidal vessels to enlarge. Applying Natures Answer Hemorrhoid Cream to those sore affected tissues helps with the pain and itching. Hemorrhoids are either inside the anus (internal) or under the skin around the anus (external), this is no fun! An internal Hemorrhoid may protrude through the anus outside the body to become irritated and painful. Nelson Homeopathic Products has the popular Hemorrhoid Cream 1 fluid Oz with Calendula for soothing and even Apricot Oil (full of Vitamin A) for tortuous tissues. The most common symptom is bright red blood covering a stool and other symptoms include painful swellings or a hard lump that results when a blood clot forms. Check with your Doc. This condition is known as Thrombosed external Hemorrhoids. King Bio-Natural Medicine in a 2 fluid Ozs has called Hemorrhoid Relief- relief for even the protruding ones and combines this with other Homeopathic ingredients for bleeding and hurting tissues. Increased pressure and swellings may result from straining to move the bowels. Other contributing factors besides pregnancy include heredity, aging (who said that?) and Chronic constipation or even from diarrhea. Naturade has Softex Stool Softener helps keep this softly as you go, with Prune and Fig Powders, Apple Pectin (good fibers) and Slippery Elm Bark (stomach enhancer). Hemorrhoids are diagnosed at any time bleeding or blood is seen. There could be other conditions involved such as digestive issues and even colorectal cancer. Hemorrhoid Suppositories by Boiron with 12 suppositories to insert into the rectum has all the Homeopathic Herbs and Astringents for calming those symptoms. Taken orally Hemorrhoids by Hylands in 100 tiny tabs, easy to take, melts in your mouth. All Homeopathies can be taken with your meds, not at the same time though. Placing pressure on your veins every day without realizing it, standing for long periods of time puts stress on the lower half of the body and over a period of time can cause venous insufficiencies. Since millions are spent each year on using lubricants to lessen irritation, over the counter drug store products may lessen the pain only slightly.

Natures Way has EFA’S Super Lignan, a Flax Oil, cold-pressed 100% organic to add to your cereals and salads or just pop a tablespoon in your mouth. Now Foods has a double pack of the 90 soft gels Molecularly Distilled Omega-3, keeping your insides lubricated, not letting everything dry out, good for Hair, Skin, Joints and inner tissues. Easing your Vein Pain or The Hemorrhoids from Hell, Enzymatic Therapy has Better Veins, formerly known as Aorta-Glycan, these are the GAG (Glycosaminoglycans) powerful support nutrients for maintaining the integrity of the body’s vessels and for treating Hemorrhoids. Studies have shown this could be the nutrient of the first choice for non-invasive treatments. Fiber, the structural part of plant foods not broken down by the digestive system, includes stems, leaves, seeds and plant secretions is an excellent natural laxative providing bulk and absorbing water, making the stools soft and easy to eliminate. Yerba Prima with its Psyllium Husks in powder must be drunk immediately, or throw into your shake or sprinkle on breakfast foods. Fiber Plus Powder also by Yerba Prima, with its apple cinnamon flavors, 5 Fibers and Cleansing Herbs helps draw everything out for smooth landings. Fi Pro-Bio Efa Flax Seeds by Health From The Sun has not only the Flax Seed Fibers but also the Omega 3’s Fatty Acids. They are all cold-milled Flax Seeds (no heat involved) that can be sprinkled or mixed with any foods, a delicious way to get all the essentials. Bathrooms are not reading rooms. In some people’s houses, they look like libraries. Too much time sitting promotes engorgement and varicosities of anal veins. Natures Secret, Multi-Fiber comes in 275 tablets with 13 Cleansing Fibers, 5 Cleansing Herbs to go! They also feature the Ultimate Fiber, no gumming up allowed, easy to take, just throw some in your glass or even your water bottle. Peter Gillhams Natural Vitality, you can’t have natural vitality if one is bothered by the pain of Hemorrhoids, has the very popular Natural Calm. 1 A tablespoon is 615 mg of Magnesium – calm yourself to go! It’s the Natural Calm Solution for those that can’t sit still long enough to go. The nervous system is whacked, especially with strange bathrooms. Work with other products mentioned here for pain. Another effective drink is Baywood, Cal-Mag Fizz also good for cramping muscles and calming the nervous system. Other Magnesium that you can take in caps is Now Foods or Twin Labs Magnesium 400, This Means 400 Mgs in 1 cap. Depending on the person, some need to take 1 cap 3X a Day, others 2 caps 3X a day and some may only need it at night. It works, take it from one who knows. I put a lot of my clients on. Poor absorption can also be an accomplice in the Hemorrhoid Scenario. If you don’t absorb your food, structural integrity throughout the body’s blood vessels suffers without the production of Digestive Juices and Enzymes. To stimulate the passage of foods through the intestines NATREN has DIGESTA-LAC, Dairy, and Non-Dairy with the digesting Probiotics for the hardcore ones that gobble their food and eat too fast, expelling gas and burping and can’t go! This is a powder, the better way to take, just throw it down your throat a little at a time or put in water. It does help! Peter Gillhams Natural Vitality has the Digestion Essentials to get nourishment down to your cells and to carry out your system’s biological processes with all the important Enzymes including Pancreatin. Honso USA/Japanese Herbal Kampo has Kampo 4digestive Intestine Harmony, old Asian Medicine complete with a combination of Oriental Herbs for your intestinal tract to work more efficiently. Give your Liver a brand new lease on Life from accumulating toxins and being afraid to go with hurtful Hemorrhoids through Peter Gillhams Liver Rejuvenator for the detoxifying center of the body in order to survive this enormous toxin challenge called Congested Liver in Chinese Herbology, Planetary Formulas with Bupleurum Liver Cleanse grabs it all for deep internal cleansing, also well for eye health. For better movements – here’s the famous Smooth Move Tea by Traditional Medicinals. It has the Senna and other plant movers such as Aloe, Buckthorn, Cascara Sagrada and Rhubarb, smooth sailings on this one. Yogi Teas has Easy Move formerly called Get Regular. All the Ayurvedic Herbs of Triphala not only help the colon but digestion too with all-around efforts for detoxing and cleansing making it easier to go. What about Pet Problems? Nutrition Now has Pet Acidophilus for Digestion with Dog and Puppy Powder, for cranky times, stomach and digestive upsets gas and even diarrhea. King Bio Natural Products has the Pet Foul Gas And Stool Relief-all in one, 4 Fluid Ozs for gassed out ones and relief in sight for going.

Now that you are more aware of venous insufficiencies, preventing of the recurrence of Hemorrhoids needs to be achieved thro changing those conditions, drinking more water, taking more fiber, taking control of the Standard American Diet (SAD) with good Nutrition and Exercise, otherwise, you may again find at a future date, Constipation and a new crop of Hemorrhoids.

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  • Soluble Fiber – Fruits and Vegetables, Oat Bran, Barley, and Legumes
  • Insoluble Fiber – Compounds in Plant Cells, Cereal Grains, does not dissolve in water, provides Bulk
  • Magnesium Depletion causes Low Energy, Hormonal Imbalances, Body Tension, Muscle Tension, Calcification of Organs, Weak Bones, Heart Difficulties, Anxiousness, and Nervousness. Calcium needs this to assimilate

Written exclusively for Herbspro.com by Suma G Nathan, Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Chinese Herbalist. Suma can be reached at agingless4u@cox.net. Her website is http://members.cox.net/agingless4u

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