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Avoiding Toxins in Your Household Cleaners

Household cleaning products have been responsible for everything from skin rashes to deadly poisoning. In the short term, many ingredients found in household cleaners can irritate eyes and skin. Frequently added fragrances are known to cause headaches, sneezing, and respiratory irritation. When ingested, such as by small children in the home, some cleaning products are so toxic that death is a possible result.

The long-term impact of toxic cleaners is less known. Environmentally, there is evidence that some cleaners contribute to algal blooms and harm the reproductive capacity of fish in areas where water used for cleaning is discharged. Household cleaner toxins may reduce sperm count in men, contribute to birth defects, and increase the incidence of some cancers. It’s time to switch to solutions that are safe and effective.

Seek out natural, nontoxic alternatives when doing laundry. HerbsPro offers a number of options for both cleaning and softening as well as for stain removal. If you have people in your household who are particularly sensitive, seek out options that are fragrance-free.

laundry-detergent-powder-10-lb baby-ecos-laundry-detergent-chamomile-and-lavender-50-oz


One of the most toxic items in many households is drain cleaner. But there are alternatives to having this unsafe product in your home. Look for a drain opener that contains enzymes instead of toxic chemicals.

drain-cleaner-32-oz earth-enzymes-drain-opener-2-lb


You don’t need a bucket full of different cleaning products. A single all-purpose cleaner can meet your needs for most surfaces. HerbsPro has over 20 all-purpose cleaning options including ones that are not tested no animals, and that are biodegradable and phosphate- and chlorine-free.

all-purpose-cleaner-1-gallon all-purpose-clean-concentrate-32-oz







Keep your household clean with these items from HerbsPro:

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Fish Oil to the Rescue

Fish oil is one of the most studied supplements. There is strong evidence of its efficacy in lowering triglyceride levels and thus fighting heart disease, including lowering the likelihood of the onset of heart disease and lessening the impact for those who already have the disease. There is evidence that fish oil can provide relief for those with osteoperosis, cancer, arthritis, ADHD, kidney problems, and even menstrual cramps.

However, some people avoid taking fish oil because of a lasting impressing that “fish equals fishy” and thus that taking fish oil will be unpleasant. Fish oil is so essential to good health that it is worth searching out an option feasible for you and that can make it part of your regular routine.

Most fish oils today in their liquid form include a natural citrus oil additive to improve the taste. You can try PFO Pure Fish Oil from Health from the sun with its orange oil and rosemary extract, or Now Foods Omega-3 Fish Oil Lemon Lemon with its natural lemony taste.


Softgels surround fish oil in an easy-to swallow gel-coated oval so that you never taste the oil itself. They come in multiple sizes so, if swallowing large supplements is a challenge for you, you likely can find a smaller option that meets your needs.

You can even get purified fish oil in gummy form, especially useful for children taking the supplement.


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Fighting Dry, Chapped, Lips

Dry, chapped, lips can plague you any time of the year. The sun and heat remove moisture, cold winds chap, and working out further exacerbates irritations. Keeping your lips smooth and pain free is an ongoing battle. Let’s look at some of your options for natural lip care. Look for lip-quenching oils such as olive and sesame to moisturize and shea butter or wax to seal and protect.

If you’ll be in the sun, seek out a lip balm with an SPF of 15 or higher to block out harmful rays. Brands like Kiss My Face and Alba Botanicals make lip balms perfect for day’s outdoors.


Lipstick, in luscious colors, can do double-duty as lip balm. You no longer need to choose between the two. You can have long-lasting color with safe and natural protectants. Continue Reading →

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Happy Holidays for Fido and Fifi

The holidays are upon us. In many homes, that means lots of hustle and bustle with friends and family stopping by. A little advance preparation can help you to prepare your dog to have a happy, healthy holiday.

Changed routines and the coming and going of guests increase stress levels not only for you but also for your pet. The holidays may be the perfect time to begin adding a supplement to your dog’s food to help Fido to enjoy these hectic days. Special supplements, formulated just for dogs, focus on lowering anxiety levels and keeping them calm, cool, and collected throughout the holiday season – and throughout the year to come.


Give your dog a shampoo to help him to look his best when out and about or when visitors come to call to spread holiday cheer. Keep in mind though that most dogs only need to be washed every few months as too-frequent washings can strip away the natural oils of their coats and inflame dry skin. Do not use shampoo or conditioners made for humans – their ph level is not appropriate for a dog and may make him itchy. You’ll want a gentle, natural solution that will remove accumulated dirt and leave your pet’s coat shiny and smooth. Continue Reading →

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All About Herbal Laxatives

Everyone has suffered from a painful feeling of bloating and constipation. What can be done about it? Most choose to take some pill or other medicine. However, there are other ways to relieve the pain and pressure. Natural and herbal laxatives often work better than the pharmaceutical alternatives and with fewer side effects.

What is a laxative?

A laxative is a substance that helps one have a bowel movement. It helps unplug the roadblocks in the digestive system that cause constipation.


How do laxatives work?

There are several different kinds of laxatives and each work slightly differently. For long-term digestive health the best thing to do is eat a diet rich in fiber. This will keep constipation at bay. However, a fiber rich diet may take days or longer to make a difference. If suffering from an acute case of constipation most take a stimulant laxative that stimulates the nerves in the large intestine, forcing the muscles to contract tighter than usual, forcing the blockage to pass through the body. There are also laxatives that soften the stool in the intestines and allow it to pass easier. Continue Reading →

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Going Gummy: Chewy Supplements Not Just for Kids Anymore

You may find particular vitamins or other supplements to be difficult to take. Whether turned off by a chalky taste or concerned over the size of a capsule, the way that supplements are delivered sometimes prevents people from taking what is needed to reap the heath advantages.

A recent alternative has arisen in the form of ‘gummy’ supplements. Originally introduced for children, a number of adult supplements are now available in gummy options. Gummy supplements contain the same key ingredients as their traditional counterparts, and offer the same benefits in a tasty, easily consumed form.

Gummy options:

Gummy multivitamins come in general formulations as well as, ones developed specifically for men and women. Prenatal multivitamins rich in DHA and folic acid are also available as are versions designed to meet the needs of those who are over 50.


Multiple companies make gummy Omega-3 supplements that can be an alternative to large fish oil capsules to reduce inflammation and promote healthy cell function. Children and adults alike appreciate this easy-to-take option. Continue Reading →

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Cyber Monday Sale at Herbspro

Herbspro is holding its biggest sale of the season! You will get an additional 6% off on everything in stock at Herbspro.com when you place your order from December 1 to December 3, plus receive free shipping on orders over $49.

That’s an additional 6% off Herbspro’s already discounted prices on vitamins, minerals, and supplements from A to Zinc.


It’s an additional 6% off on beauty products, including makeup, moisturizers, and mouthwash.

makeup         moisturizer         mouthwash

And even an additional 6% off on Herbspro’s clearance items that are already priced to move fast. Continue Reading →

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The Importance of Amino Acids

Amino acids are important for the development and well being of the human body. In the body amino acids are needed to transport and store vital nutrients such as water, protein, minerals, vitamins, and fat. There are 20 amino acids that occur naturally but only 9 are essential for health and growth. They are basically the building blocks of proteins and the body requires natural amino acids in order to efficiently use the protein it absorbs. Humans require protein for survival and thankfully there are many benefits of amino acids for the body.

Amino Acids Supplements

Amino Acids Supplements

There are many uses of amino acids but its main role is to build proteins that the body can use for regeneration, energy, and nourishment. As a protein building block amino acids will repair organs, glands, ligaments, and muscles. They can also be used for controlling insulin levels, combating malnutrition, and boosting the health and appearance of skin and hair. Continue Reading →

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Should your children be taking vitamins or supplements?

There is a continuous on-going debate about whether or not parents should be giving their children vitamins or supplements. The problem is that many people are simply unaware of what vitamins and supplements do and are ignorant to the myriad of benefits that they provide your kids. While food is still the best source of nutrients it can be difficult at times to prepare and cook a healthy and well-balanced meal for your family. Child vitamin supplements are completely safe and a great way to ensure children are developing and growing as healthy as possible.

Children Vitamins and Supplements

Children Vitamins and Supplements

Another reason why your children should be taking vitamins is that there is nothing wrong with additional nutrients in the body. Modern food is ultra-processed and typically low in quality. It can also be very expensive to eat healthy and organic food. Instead of having to make compromises vitamins for children are the perfect for way parents to keep their kids on a healthy diet. Continue Reading →

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Health Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotic Supplements

Everyone knows what antibiotics are. This modern medical miracle has extended life expectancies and eliminated much of the fear of children getting ill. But what are probiotics? While antibiotics target and kill bacteria, probiotics do the opposite, they promote the health of bacteria in the body. Science has shown that not all bacteria are harmful to humans. Instead human health actually depends quite heavily on large numbers of “good” bacteria for proper functioning of the digestive system. Antibiotics can actually throw the body out of balance by killing off not only harmful sickness causing bacteria, but also useful bacteria. Children often take more antibiotics than adults.

Buy Probiotics & Probiotic Supplements

Buy Probiotics & Probiotic Supplements

Probiotics For Children

There are many health benefits of taking probiotics. Studies suggest that probiotics and probiotic supplements can alleviate persistent diarrhea in children. Other health benefits of probiotics include healthy skin. Probiotics for kids has even helped with eczema and dermatitis. Long-term probiotic use is believed to reduce the severity of respiratory diseases common during cold and flu season. Continue Reading →

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