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Stomach ulcer bug causes bad breath

There are 600 different species of bacteria which could be found in our mouth. A recent study carried out by Fukuoka Dental College in Fukuoka, Japan has revealed that bacteria that causes stomach ulcers and cancer could also be the culprit behind emanating bad breath. Scientists for the first time have found that Helicobacter Pylori is responsible in causing stomach ulcers and large amount of gastric cancers.

According to scientists around 20 to 80% of people in the developed world and over 90% of people in developing world carry this bacterium. Dr. Nao Suzuki said that only recently scientists discovered that Hi Pylori exists in mouth too. So, we wanted to determine whether this bacterium could be behind bad breath. To confirm this, a research was carried out on patients who complained of halitosis for the presence of Hi Pylori. During the course of the study on 326 Japanese people with halitosis the bacteria was found in the mouths of only 21 people. It was found that all these persons had a high concentration of bad breath gas and the level of oral disease was drastically higher. Researchers also found that in patients who have gum disease (periodontal), of the 102 people, 16 were found to have pylori in their mouths.

Dr. Suzuki also disclosed that Halitosis is a common problem in humans and bad breath occurs due to periodonitis, poor hygiene, tongue debris and badly fitted fillings. All gastrointestinal diseases generally cause halitosis. Dr. Suzuki further informed that merely presence of H. Pylori in the mouth is not responsible or directly associated with bad breath but is associated with periodontal disease which causes bad breath. Dr. Suzuki disclosed further research would be carried out in an attempt to know the relationship between H Pylori in the mouth and stomach.

There are several reasons behind the cause of bad breath, one of the main reasons being oral bacteria. There are several conditions which promote the growth of oral bacteria like improper cleaning or not able to clean the area where oral bacteria reside. There are certain foods available which causes bad breath viz., onion, garlic. As we bite some food emanates unpleasant odor causing bad breath. Common bad breath can be controlled by avoiding or minimizing the consumption of certain foods. Persons who smoke also emanate bad breath. This is also called “smokers breath”.

Bad breath could be controlled by way of flossing and brushing. A good mouthwash along with soft-bristled toothbrushes could be employed to control bad breath. You must ensure that by exercising this method your bad breath should be eliminated otherwise a long treatment would have to be adopted to remove bad breath. If you are unable to treat your bad breath ask your doctor which treatment would suit you. Control your bad breath before it could ruin your health or social life.

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