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Avoiding Toxins in Your Household Cleaners

Household cleaning products have been responsible for everything from skin rashes to deadly poisoning. In the short term, many ingredients found in household cleaners can irritate eyes and skin. Frequently added fragrances are known to cause headaches, sneezing, and respiratory irritation. When ingested, such as by small children in the home, some cleaning products are so toxic that death is a possible result.

The long-term impact of toxic cleaners is less known. Environmentally, there is evidence that some cleaners contribute to algal blooms and harm the reproductive capacity of fish in areas where water used for cleaning is discharged. Household cleaner toxins may reduce sperm count in men, contribute to birth defects, and increase the incidence of some cancers. It’s time to switch to solutions that are safe and effective.

Seek out natural, nontoxic alternatives when doing laundry. HerbsPro offers a number of options for both cleaning and softening as well as for stain removal. If you have people in your household who are particularly sensitive, seek out options that are fragrance-free.

laundry-detergent-powder-10-lb baby-ecos-laundry-detergent-chamomile-and-lavender-50-oz


One of the most toxic items in many households is drain cleaner. But there are alternatives to having this unsafe product in your home. Look for a drain opener that contains enzymes instead of toxic chemicals.

drain-cleaner-32-oz earth-enzymes-drain-opener-2-lb


You don’t need a bucket full of different cleaning products. A single all-purpose cleaner can meet your needs for most surfaces. HerbsPro has over 20 all-purpose cleaning options including ones that are not tested no animals, and that are biodegradable and phosphate- and chlorine-free.

all-purpose-cleaner-1-gallon all-purpose-clean-concentrate-32-oz







Keep your household clean with these items from HerbsPro:

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