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Drinking coffee, decaf and tea regularly associated with a reduced risk of diabetes

Did you know that by the year 2025, around 380 million persons would have developed Type 2 diabetes? But according to an analysis through a previous study which was reported in the December 14/28 issues of Archives of Internal Medicine, JAMA, it has been revealed that people who drink more coffee or tea would lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Irrespective of various researches going on in this field, there are apprehensions that type 2 diabetes relates to obesity and physical inactivity. Still research is going on to know whether dietary and lifestyle factors are also responsible for Type 2 diabetes. Previous studies have thrown light on the fact that drinking coffee in excess helps reduce the risk of getting this diabetes, but with the current revelation of the analyses the information available has almost doubled.

Rachel Huxley, D.Phil, of The George Institute for International Health, University of Sydney, Australia, and colleagues are closely following the relationship between consuming coffee and its effect on Type 2 diabetes risk. They have identified 18 studies which included 457,922 participants involved in these studies in an effort to know the relationship between coffee consumption and Type 2 diabetes during the years 1966 and 2009.

Out of these six studies 225,516 involved individuals were provided decaffeinated coffee while seven studies had participants who were on tea consumption. After analyzing the data from these studies researcher found that every additional cup of coffee consumed in a day contributed to a 7 percent reduction in the additional risk of diabetes. A simple calculation revealed that people drinking three to four cups of coffee per day had around 25 percent lower risk than those who did not drink or drank two cups per day.

Regarding consumption of decaffeinated coffee, during the study those who drank three to four cups in excess per day contributed a one-third lower risk of diabetes as compared to those who did not drink at all. The authors of the study established that apart from caffeine other compounds or antioxidants found in coffee and tea like lignans or chlorogenic acids also provided the protective cover on getting diabetes.

According to the spokesperson for the European Society of Cardiology, Professor Lars Rydén (Sweden), the diabetes specialist infers the following advice: “This is a carefully researched and conducted study which has clearly established the correlation between the consumption of coffee and decreasing occurrence of diabetes. Above all, if you drink coffee whether decaffeinated or not you have less chance of developing diabetes. All the data compiled and researched has clearly established the fact. Sometimes there are claims that coffee drinking is harmful as it increase the tendency to cardiovascular disease, but there is no evidence around which could established that. The message is clear, drink coffee safely. But as Prof Rydén point out coffee helps, but overweight people should shred their weight by 5 to 10% and include physical activity to reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

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