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Popular cholesterol drugs like Crestor and Lipitor found to have risk of developing diabetes.

We have often heard the term cholesterol in our day today conversations. Doctors also suggest patients to check their cholesterol level. But most of the people fail to understand the role of cholesterol in their body. Did you know 80% of our body’s cholesterol is produced by the liver and rest come from the diet? Cholesterol is naturally formed by the body despite being a chemical compound it serves as a building block for the cell membranes too. Dietary cholesterol often comes from fish, meat, poultry and dairy products. It is said that organ meats usually contain high level of cholesterol content, while foods having plant origin do not contain any cholesterol content in it. All the dietary meat obtained from meal is absorbed from the intestine and stored in the liver. The regulation of cholesterol level in the blood stream is done by the liver, as and when required. Cholesterol is secreted in the body as and when needed. There are two types of cholesterol in our body LDL and HDL. Through LDL or “Bad” cholesterol there remains the risk of coronary heart disease. HDL on the other hand can be described as “good cholesterol”. Fats can be classified as saturated and non-saturated. Meat and dairy products have the capability of having saturated fats in them and are able to raise blood cholesterol levels. Some vegetable oils made from palm, coconut and coca are rich in saturated fats.

Recently, a current report published in the Journal Lancet analyzed 13 different studies about satin drugs. It was revealed that popular cholesterol drugs like crestor and Lipiton possess the risk of developing diabetes. The research was done on 90,000 patients. The report has highlighted the seriousness of the side effects which doctors and researchers came to know only recently. The study revealed out of 1000 patients, who take satin drug for a year often develop diabetes while five other suffer from heart attack and death. One of the cardiologists Chris Cannon from Women’s Hospital in Boston suggested that during the course of the therapy, patients should be in strict observation by a specialist who is taking Satin drug regularly. Irrespective of being touted as life savings drugs Satin may cause serious negative side effects like diarrhea, nausea and irritability. It can also damage kidney and liver through its side effects.

Did you know if a patient is unable to control the high cholesterol level it can lead to building up of plaque around arteries, thus causing narrowing of walls which can boost heart attack and strokes in a patient? If a patient has been diagnosed with higher cholesterol level there are a few tips around through which he/she can control the cholesterol level. It is suggested to maintain a healthy weight. You can also start exercise, for this walk for 10 to 15 minutes daily for the first week and add five minutes daily so that you can reach until you walk for 45 to 60 minutes mostly.

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