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Dealing with Dry Eye Syndrome

Sometimes we all feel stinging, burning sensation in eyes and at times we feel irritated with dryness in eyes. There are situations when there is a feeling of discomfort to those people who uses contact lenses. There are circumstances when there is a feeling of discomfort on wearing contact lenses. Sometimes, our eyelid sticks together on waking up in the morning. All these situations result in pain in the eyes and our eyesight deteriorates.

These are the cases relating to dry eye syndrome or Keratonconjunctivities (KCS), sicca syndrome or simply dry eyes. With dryness in the eyes, patients’ eyes dry out and become inflamed. It is a fact that our eyes produce tears or fluid all the time, not just when we cry or yawn. Production of tears in the eye is a symptom of healthy eyes. As we age, we produce fewer liquid or tears. In several countries dry eye syndrome could be due to deficiency of Vitamin A and this syndrome is common. Around 200,000 Americans have dry eye condition and people over the age of 65 and above are most vulnerable to get this condition. No doubt these could be very rare cases, but dryness could be very painful and in some conditions require surgical treatment.

Medilexicon Medical Dictionary describes that Keratoconjunctivities sicca is “keratoconjunctivities associated with decrease tears”. Tears preserve the surface of our eyeballs hygienic and moist, and help guard our eyes from damage, without which we can’t see properly. Tear consist of three layers oil, water and mucus. If any of these layers act abnormally, an individual may develop dry eye symptom. Our tears also include natural antibiotics dubbed lysozymes. They assist in keeping the surface of the eye clean and healthy by fighting off bacteria and viruses.

Did you know that we all blink around five times a minute? On developing a problem with eyelids, the blinking may be affected. There are several reasons behind dryness in the air viz., sun, wind, dry climate, hot blowing air, acute dry air, working on computer monitor for longer hours may slow down the blinking rate of our eye. Driving a vehicle or reading for longer hours may reduce our blinking rate.

In an effort to diagnose the dry eye syndrome a Rose Bengal test is undertaken in which a Royal Bengal, a liquid stain or dye is dropped onto the surface of the eyes. If the diagnosis is not clear the patient is referred to an ophthalmologist. Still a research trial is under way in Louisville for people suffering with Dry Eye Syndrome.

Herbal Supplements for dry eyes:

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