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Mango Effective in Preventing, Stopping Certain Colon, Breast Cancer Cells, Food Scientists Find

Who does not like to have fruits in their daily diet? After all fruits have the capability of keeping diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer, cancer and other heart diseases at bay. Now a day’s life is spinning at faster rate we have to accomplish the given task within a stipulated time frame with the result people work beyond their capacity. They are exposed to toxic fumes and pollution and remain under stress. The simple way to escape from these diseases is to take the assistance of fruits which provide various antioxidants which in turn prevent us from free radicals from attacking our body.

According to a new study carried out by Texas AgriLife Research food scientists, mango fruit was found to be preventive in blocking various colon and breast cancer cells in the lab. Before the onset of this revelation, little information was there about the health benefits from mango. The scientists examined five varieties of mangoes found in the U.S. viz., Kent, Francine, Ataulfo, Tommy/Atkins and Haden. Dr. Steve Talcott who conducted the study on cancer cells said, for fighting various diseases people recognize only antioxidants like blueberry, pomegranate, and acai, mango is not even considered in this list. That is the reason why the scientists checked the effect of mango in fighting cancer cells and found they actually stopped the growth of cancer in certain areas like breast and colon cell lines. This test of mango polyphenol extracts was carried in vitro on colon, lungs, leukemia, prostate cancers and breasts. Mango’s effect was seen in combating leukemia, prostate cancers and lung but its true efficacy was seen in fighting breast and colon cancers. Talcotts intend to do some small clinical trial on individuals with increased inflation in their intestines who have a higher risk for cancer, after seeing the results they can plan a larger trial, to see if there is any clinical relevance.

Other benefits of having mangoes, which contain low carbohydrate, are they combat acidity and poor digestion, relieve clogged pores of the skin, are rich in iron and anemic people are advised to have them regularly. Because of the richness in vitamin A, C and E they combat heart diseases effectively. According to FAO around 250 million people which include pregnant women and children suffer from the deficiency of vitamin A, this shortfall results in diseases like measles and dysentery in children. The WHO recommends combating measles with Vitamin A, while vitamin C in mango helps in absorbing iron. Mango aids beauty enhancement, regularly taking mango enhances the complexion fair and shining. To get quick relief from diarrhea, it is recommended to take 2 – 3 serving a day of its powder with water. Mango paste also aids in controlling fever, if it is applied on palms and soles of a patient. The seeds of mango are also effective in controlling gum diseases.

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