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Supplements for Nasal Congestion | Natural Remedies for Nasal Congestion

Having Nasal congestions can lead to many different side effects that not only can cause pain and discomfort but in addition can have a large impact on your day. It can cause you to not be as productive and stop you from completing tasks because of the pressure it may cause. Most individual choose to go to the doctors and have a synthetic drug prescribed to them. This may help numb the pain and discomfort but most likely it has more side effects than realized in addition to not truly making the congestion go away. The best option to choose is using natural remedies for nasal congestion. It is the best nasal congestion relief medicine that can be used that is all natural in addition to having other great (positive) side effects to the health of the nasal cavity.

Herbs for Nasal Congestion

Herbs for Nasal Congestion

Herbs for nasal congestion cannot only assist the nasals to release some pressure but it can also help for the overall health of the nasal cavity. One of the best ways to not experience nasal congestion is being proactive about the health of the nose. This can be done by taking natural remedies for nasal congestion on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is always smart to be proactive and assist your health prior to it having problems. Continue Reading →

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Best Natural Supplemnts for Nasal Congestion and Cold

There are two times a year that many people dread to have to deal with and that is the seasons of Spring and Fall. Reason being many of us deal with nasal congestion during allergy season in Spring and it is the beginning of the cold season in fall. We tend to quickly run down to the drugstore and buy whatever is on sale no matter the side effects or what synthetic or chemical made byproducts are in it. There are many nasal congestion herbal remedies in addition to herbs for colds that can be taken instead of a synthetic drug from the drugstore.

Nasal Congestion Herbal Remedies

Nasal Congestion Herbal Remedies

Battling a cold or dealing with nasal congestions can leave you feeling dried out and dehydrated. This can worsen symptoms and many times lead to nose bleeds and raw nostrils. A simple and great way to assist your body in recovery is drinking herbal teas. There are many herbs for nasal congestion that you can find in most of the popular teas at the grocery store. Stay hydrated and ingesting herbs through a liquid form will quickly help your symptoms and can be instant relief. Continue Reading →

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Loss of Smell may lead to early onset of Alzheimer’s Disease

There are a number of people in the world who experience loss of smell or smell disorder in their life period. While there are other people who apart from smell disorder even encounter loss of taste. But life is all about smell and taste. We enjoy our food and can tell the host the food is tasty. Smelling power alert human beings when a smoke emanates or in the case of gas leak. Smell and taste are an eternal part of human beings. In the absence of it life becomes tasteless. In medical terms loss of sense is known as hyposmia and total loss of it is called anosmia. In a recent study published in the Journal of Neuroscience dated January 13, 2010 the loss of smell disorder has been related to Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

The study was carried on the genetically engineered mice at NYU Langone Medical Center revealed that olfactory dysfunction – a common symptom of Alzheimer could be considered as an early warning tool for the disease. During the course of the study these mice developed amyloids in their brains, just akin to humans. In the case of Alzheimer disease amyloid pathology starts in the region of brain, which is responsible for smell, just above the nose. The article disclosed that the symptoms of this disease could be seen early in life, this novel olfactory would further help in the early detection of this disease, before the attrition of the brain. Noted co-author of the project, Daniel W. Wesson, PhD, of the NYU School of Medicine and the Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research in Orangeburg, New York said, this is an astonishing finding because just like a brain scan, a laboratory designed olfactory test would be an inexpensive way to detect Alzheimer at an early stage.

However, not all cases could be linked to the loss of smell with the Alzheimer, as there are various reasons for the loss of sense of smell like, after effect of different medications like that pertaining to allergy, nutritional deficiency, metabolic disorder or sinus or respiratory problem which occurs due to polyps of sinus disease. Sometimes head injury could result in an instant loss of smell which would be permanent in nature. At times due to cold weather there could be a temporary loss of smell. The nasal obstructions and sinus polyps could also be the reason behind temporary loss of smell and after sometime people would get back their loss of smell.

The loss of smell in a person could be gauged when a person complains about the food being tasteless. A person suffering from cold and flu could also complain about the loss of smell and taste for weeks. There are also herbal remedies available for AD like Clematis, Mugwort, Euphobia, fenugreek, Horse Radish etc.

Herbal Supplements:

Phosphatidyl Serine
Ginkgold 60 mg

Activated Nasal Mist

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