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New evidence suggests that dark chocolate helps ease emotional stress

A new research published online recently in the new Journal of Proteome Research has indicated that eating around an ounce and a half of dark chocolate a day for two weeks can considerably reduce the stress level in an individual. The study established that with the help of cocoa plant those stress-related biochemical imbalances can be controlled. Researchers further established that apart from antioxidants other beneficial substances in dark chocolate have the potential in reducing the risk factors for heart disease and other physical ailments. Till now there was little evidence to show that chocolates have the capability in stress-bust effects.

Everyone goes through stress in their daily life in one way or other but a majority of them suffer from emotional stress. There are several reasons for emotional stress like unhappy relationships or family issues like divorce, unfulfilled desires, and workplace stress like the feeling of underpaid or overworked, health problems like suffering from critical disease etc. Unexpected happening in one’s life can also lead to undue strain on his/her nervous system. This unwanted stress puts a burden on the feelings of a person thus creating serious medical problems like memory loss, lack of concentration, fatigue, hypertension, cardiovascular disorders etc. These feelings lead to emotional stress. Did you know that our nervous system controls all our actions like our immune responses, blood pressure, physiological functions etc., if not controlled in time stress can be life threatening. Persons with inefficient immune system are also prone to emotional stress as well as colds and flu.

In an effort to know the connection between personality and heart diseases, one of the researchers Friedman, analyzed the personalities of various heart patients and came to the conclusion that all of them showed a set of characteristics like:

  • Poorly defined goals but have high ambition;
  • Great inclination and eagerness to compete;
  • An acute desire for recognition and advancement;
  • Work quickly than needed both physically and mentally and
    Constant mental and physical alertness

Stress at work is also one of the major causes, through which people develop heart problems. In an effort to deal with emotional stress an individual can indulge in regular exercise, proper diet, and good recreation, positive mental and physical work. Apart from above here are some tips and tricks to keep your stress at bay:

  • Deep breathing will not only relax your body but gives you time to think properly.
  • Think about how you can adjust to each change that is causing you stress.
  • Identify the points as to where your body stores tension.
  • Exercise helps nourishes your mind and body.
  • Learn a relaxing Yoga move
  • Spend time with your loved ones

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