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Anemia increases rrisk of death in the very elderly

A new study which was a part of the Leiden 85-plus study, published in Canadian medical Association Journal (CMAJ) revealed that most of the persons of 85 years+ of age die or have a higher risk of death due to anemia. The study was carried on 562 people of 85 years old in Netherlands, researchers followed them until they achieved the age of 90. The follow up on study showed that 27 percent of participants were suffered with anemia i.e. prevalent anemia at the beginning of the study, while 24% of elderly developed anemia during the course of the study. Most of the elderly suffered anemia due to several factors like depression, hospital admission, and fractures and falls, cognitive impairment, low quality life etc., this problem then leads to increased death rate in the elderly. Ms. Wendy den Elzen of the Leiden University Medical Center and coauthors, while confirming the results of previous studies of people in the Netherlands and North America and said, “There was a clear and strong association between prevalent anemia in the elderly participants aged 85 years and risk of death. We found an even stronger impact on mortality than prevalent anemia at age 85. The authors summed up by saying that the associated functional decline appears to be primarily recognized to comorbid illnesses.

There are several other reasons related to anemia in the elderly like deficiency of iron, Vitamin B12, gastrointestinal bleeding, kidney failure, poor nutrition, folate deficiency, myelodysplastic syndrome etc. Anemic people often feel tired, weak, dizzy or irritable. If not treated early the patient’s heart has to work harder with the result it could lead to serious consequences. In about 30% of cases no reason could be identified for the anemia. Around 40 to 60% geriatric patients in the United States suffer from anemia and large number of deaths occurs due to this condition.

If we look deep into the condition of Anemia it would be revealed that in an anemic person the red blood cells in the blood would be low. Blood is made up of two parts the liquid part is called the plasma while its cellular part contains different cells. One of the vital and numerous cells found in our blood are red blood cells. Their main work is to deliver oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body. The red blood cells do their job through specific steps in our body and are made in the bone marrow, thus with the deficiency of various vitamins a person becomes anemic.

Overall 2 to 10% people are anemic, while in other countries the rate is even higher. Did you know that young women are twice likely to get anemic than young men because of their menstrual bleeding. All number of anemias can be avoided by consulting a doctor as and when the problem arises. Elderly should routinely consult a doctor for their blood check up even if they are not anemic.

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